Alan Ford joins the cast of EastEnders as Billy Mitchell’s dad


Renowned actor Alan Ford is set to join the cast of EastEnders in the New Year.

Alan Ford, celebrated for his roles in various gangster films, will take on the character of Stevie Mitchell, Billy Mitchell’s estranged father.

Billy Mitchell, portrayed by actor Perry Fenwick, has been a central figure in the show for over two decades. Billy’s tumultuous childhood, including being sent to care at the age of ten, has been a key part of his backstory.

The arrival of Stevie Mitchell, who took custody of Billy’s brother Charlie, leaving Billy in care, promises to add depth to the character’s complex history.

The storyline unfolds as the Mitchell family braces to bid farewell to their beloved Aunt Sal. However, it quickly becomes clear that Stevie’s presence in Walford is not entirely welcome, adding a twist to the emotional narrative.

Alan Ford’s illustrious career spans more than fifty years, with notable performances in blockbuster movies such as Snatch, The Riot Club, and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

On joining the cast of EastEnders, Alan said: “I feel highly delighted to be playing a character close to my own age in this extremely popular television drama series.”

Chris Clenshaw, Executive Producer added: “It’s an honour to welcome the immensely talented Alan Ford to the cast of EastEnders as he takes on the role of Stevie Mitchell. Whilst Billy has been a stalwart in the show for over 25 years, viewers know very little about his complicated childhood and the events that led him to grow up in care.

“Alan arrives in Walford as the Mitchell family prepare to say goodbye to their beloved Aunt Sal but it soon becomes apparent that he is not welcome in the family fold.”

Alan’s first scenes will appear on screen in the New Year.

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