AJ Odudu and Will Best reveal all about Celebrity Big Brother

AJ Odudu and Will Best

AJ Odudu and Will Best have spilled all on the return of Celebrity Big Brother this March!

Celebrity Big Brother is back! How does it feel to be presenting the iconic show which will see an array of famous faces enter the Big Brother house?

Will: I couldn’t be more excited! Some of the most iconic moments from Big Brother throughout the years have come from the Celebrity Big Brother series. When people think of Big Brother nowadays they often think of the GC, they think of ‘David’s dead!’ These were all given to us by celebs.

AJ: I’m so excited! Off the back of the success of the civilian show, it’s amazing that we get to host the celebrity series. It’s created such iconic moments in the past – we can’t wait for the 2024 edition!

What can you tell us about the series this time around? Are there any surprises in store?

Will: Our biggest surprise will be seeing who gets out of those cars! We have absolutely no idea who will be going in.

AJ: But you know, as with every series previously we’ve seen so many twists and turns so we’ve no doubt there will be some up Big Brother’s sleeve…

Will: Last series, Big Brother himself was more of a character, more consistent and more mischievous. Elements like that, when applied to the celebrity version are going to be dialled up! The team is so talented and creative, there’s no doubt it will be just as great this time around.

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Excitingly, it’s been revealed this show’s launch night will be LIVE, how do you think presenting live will compare? Are there any elements about this you’re particularly excited or nervous about?

AJ: There’s an energy you get from live TV that can’t be translated, all of the nervous energy from every single celebrity that steps out the car will be captured and seen. Any awkward moments – if anyone stumbles and trips over their dress, we will see it!

Will: And that will just be me!

AJ: There’s an edge. Anything can happen! Bring it on!

Since re-launching Big Brother last year, are there any pre-show rituals or habits you’ve developed as hosts?

Will: Pre show, I leave my dressing room, meet AJ in the corridor, get a look at her outfit for the first time, which is always amazing. See that we’re matching! We’ve been wearing the same designers without planning it. It’s weird, the synergy! Before going on to the set, we go to the Late & Live studio, and there’s always a great crowd in there, so we get gee’ed up by the crowd, everyone’s really excited, there’s a real party atmosphere. We do a really traditional hands in the middle.

AJ: We always go ‘Big Brother!’ It’s squad hands. We do it – even when there’s pandemonium going on. We always do it!

Will: I think it’s probably the most exciting moment of my career, those moments before we go out. The outdoor crowd – I’ve never experienced anything like it. The passion, the energy, the screams, the volume, the banners! It’s an incredible buzz.

How does it feel to be working together again?

AJ: It’s so fun! I feel incredibly lucky. Not everyone gets to do their dream job with their actual mate!

Will: It’s so surreal!

AJ: I personally feel very, very safe with Will because I know that no matter what happens, Will’s got my back on and off camera so it’s very reassuring. Which is what you need for live TV!

Will: It doesn’t feel like work!

AJ and Will in the Big Brother live show

Is there anything you’ll do differently this time around?

Will: I don’t think so. I’m not very good at watching back what I do. I watched AJ’s Late & Live shows back and I can tell you now – no notes from me!

AJ: I watched myself back as well, and yeah, no notes! (laughs) In addition to that, it’s all about the audience. Who goes – they decide. So mine and Will’s job is to be reactive, we react to the housemates and the stories that have unfolded. We literally do not know what will happen, so we can’t plan! We don’t know who’s going in, we don’t know what they’re going to do, what they’re going to say, or what reaction they’re going to come out to.

You’re both presenting the show, but how do you think you would fare as a CBB housemate? What would be your plan for entering the house? What sort of things would you pack?

Will: When I’m at home I do wear as few clothes as possible, I tend to walk in through the front door and pretty much strip off. So if I was feeling very comfortable in the house I don’t know if I’d do the same – maybe all I’d need to pack is some clean pairs of pants and some shorts, that would be it!

AJ: I’m a cosy girl! Having said that, I like to get dressed up all the time. So I feel like I’d have to pack some really nice, comfortable but chic, fluffy house slippers. In terms of what housemate I’d be, I think I’d bring a lot of fun, and vibrancy. It’d be a good time! However, I’d really struggle with other people’s mess. I would be a whinger.

Will: I think we’d work well together then. If I’m feeling a bit nervous or out of place, my default setting is to clean up the whole time as it gives me something to do. Maybe actually I just take a pinny – and I spend the whole time hoovering, doing the dishes.

AJ: TV gold!

How do you think you’d get on living together 24/7 in the Big Brother house? Do either of you have any habits that would get on each other’s nerves?

AJ: I bite my nails, so that is an annoying habit!

Will: Would I pick my nose? That’s the question.

AJ: You would, and I’d have to say stop doing that. Will wouldn’t be able to pick his nose in peace, I wouldn’t be able to bite my nails in peace. But I actually think people who get on the most at home are people that are good communicators. We wouldn’t be just huffing around – we’d have it out!

Will: We’re both from big families so that probably helps. It takes a lot to annoy me in a domestic situation! I’m one of 4 kids, I’ve seen it all.

What advice would you offer this year’s celebrity housemates?

AJ: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all! Just don’t speak! If you ever saw me on that show being absolutely silent, you’d know I was livid and seething (laughs).

Will: Just remember whatever happens in there, it’s not that deep! Don’t hold grudges. You’re there to have fun. Don’t forget it’s an entertainment show. You’re there to entertain and to be entertained!

AJ Odudu and Will Best pose in front of the Big Brother eye
Big Brother on ITV2 and ITVX. Pictured: AJ Odudu and Will Best. ©ITV Plc

What’s your favourite room in the Big Brother house?

Will: The Diary Room. Thinking of the GC, her Diary Room rants were incredible. Nikki [Grahame] and the ‘Who is she?’ rant – that was in the Diary Room. Speidi, plotting things – there were some great Diary Room moments from those two.

AJ: I absolutely love the kitchen – that’s where all of the arguments happen. It’s about who is eating what? Who’s not washing what? All of that. All of the pettiness is around the kitchen. But I also love the jacuzzi because historically a lot of stuff happens in or around the jacuzzi. I’m here for it.

Will: Last season, Henry and Jordan’s jacuzzi kiss – that was the steamy snog and a great moment from last series. That was when their relationship heated up. It reached boiling point!

Given Celebrity Big Brother has notoriously featured a number of diva demands, what are you expecting to see on this year’s shopping list?

Will: Heated rollers! Not just straighteners.

AJ: Heated rollers. Champagne, caviar with crisps. And cheese.

Will: Sushi. Celebs love their sushi.

If you could pick one task from last year’s Big Brother for the Celebrity housemates to complete, what would it be and why?

AJ: I like the Big Wigs! I loved the power trips.

Will: Anything that has hierarchy because those celebs aren’t going to be used being at the bottom of a hierarchy. I think the ‘Ants’ one was a good one. When it kicks off and they’re having really serious arguments but dressed as giant ants.

AJ, what outfits can we expect from this series? Anything you can tease on your launch night look?

AJ: It’s a surprise! I don’t know. All I’m saying is, there are going to be some custom-made fits. They’re going to be some shop-bought bits. Sparkles, colour, cut-outs. As for the latex, it might be back by popular demand!

AJ Odudu and Will Best pose together sat on eats
AJ Odudu and Will Best

Will, last time around you got a facial in preparation for the first show. How’s your skincare regime going? What beauty and skincare prep can we expect from you this time around?

Will: I’ve maintained my moisturising. Daily, I face-wash, tone and moisturise. Can you believe it? I was with a mate on Saturday and he was asking when Celebrity Big Brother starts. I said it was two weeks on Monday and he said ‘You’ve got time to get your nose waxed.’ Thank you – very supportive! I think that is one thing I’m going to have to do this time before the show. Get the old nose waxed. Beauty sleep as well, try and get some rest so I don’t have bags under my eyes.

Big Brother was the start of a new era of reality TV. What’s your guilty reality TV pleasure?

Will: Below Deck. Can’t get enough of it. I’ve seen it all. If you’re not a Below Deck watcher then I’d say start with Below Deck: Mediterranean. I have watched a lot of Vanderpump Rules as well.

AJ: I don’t feel guilty about any reality TV – I’m obsessed. I love Selling Sunset. I love Olivia Attwood’s Getting Filthy Rich. Obviously, Love Island – I’ve been obsessed with Love Island: All Stars.

New year, new series of Big Brother. Reflecting on the 2023 launch, name one thing that is IN for 2024, and OUT for 2023.

Will: Celebrity Big Brother is in!

AJ: Bad vibes are out!

Will: My nose hairs?

AJ: Will’s nose hairs are out.

Will: But my chest hairs are in!

AJ: All three of them out (laughs)

The new series Celebrity Big Brother starts Monday, 4 March at 9PM on ITV1 and ITVX

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