AJ Odudu and Will Best spill all about hosting Big Brother reboot

AJ Odudu and Will Best have spilled all as they prepare to front Big Brother’s big comeback on UK TV.


In a new interview, television personalities AJ Odudu and Will Best candidly discuss their excitement as they prepare to take on the task of hosting the new series of Big Brother.

The show will be rebooted this weekend, launching across ITV1, ITV2 and ITVX at 9PM on Sunday, 8 October.

Will, recalling the moment he learned about his new gig, confessed: “I was working on another job. I was in a car with the crew, and as soon as I got off the phone, the crew thought I had received bad news because of my reaction.”

AJ Odudu and Will Best pose in front of the Big Brother eye
Big Brother on ITV2 and ITVX. Pictured: AJ Odudu and Will Best. ©ITV Plc

Adding to the excitement, Will couldn’t help but express his delight in sharing the experience with a dear friend, AJ. “I’m also getting to work with a really good friend – AJ is the loveliest person in the world, and I’m so excited I get to do this with her,” he remarked, painting a picture of anticipation.

New Big Brother housemates will be ‘properly representative’ of the UK

AJ, who found herself in a similar situation when she received the news, echoed Will’s enthusiasm. She recalled: “I was on another job too and couldn’t say anything. I was so buzzing and excited. I didn’t tell anyone until my name was on the dotted line – it didn’t feel real.”

Turning their attention to the new series, both hosts made it clear that they are just as eager to find out all the details as the BBUK fans.


AJ said: “We know just as much as everyone else! We don’t know who the housemates are or what the house looks like yet.” Will added: “We’ll be finding out about the new series along with the viewers!”

He continued of the housemates: “I know they’re going to be amazing. Real people, properly representative of the UK today, all chosen because they’re genuinely interesting.”

And AJ quipped: “I can’t wait to say the words ‘Hello Big Brother house, this is AJ!’.

Emma Willis and Davina McCall, former hosts of Big Brother, have reached out to congratulate them and offered valuable advice.

Will shared: “We’ve had loads of lovely messages! People have been so supportive and positive. The best thing though has been how many messages we’ve had from people in the industry just saying how excited they are that the show is coming back; BB fans are everywhere!”

However, amidst the excitement, both hosts confessed to feeling nervous about their new roles.


‘It really is the people and their stories’

AJ said: “I think it would be weird if I wasn’t nervous, of course I am. But that’s all part of the magic so I am welcoming my pre-show butterflies.”

Will admitted: “I get nervous about everything, so hosting a huge live TV show definitely comes with a few butterflies!”

Reflecting on the enduring appeal of Big Brother over other reality shows, Will said: “The fact that it’s real people, who properly represent a snapshot of the UK right now, means there is so much more for an audience to connect with. It’s unfiltered and unpredictable which makes for unbelievably engaging telly.”

AJ recalled the show’s impact on her as a viewer, citing moments like Brian Dowling being the first openly gay man she saw on TV and Nadia Almada, the first trans housemate, as valuable instances of representation and insight.

“It really is the people and their stories,” she added.

AJ Odudu and Will Best
Big Brother on ITV2 and ITVX. Pictured: AJ Odudu and Will Best. ©ITV Plc

As for the biggest challenges the new housemates might face, AJ pointed out: “I think the biggest challenge is that the Big Brother house is 24/7. You share the same bedroom, the same spaces, the same food, everything!”


Will added: “Probably being without their phones! Most people (myself very much included) can’t go 30 seconds without checking it, so that first week is going to be tough.”

Big Brother: The Launch airs Sunday at 9PM on ITV1, ITV2 and ITVX