Air Fryers: An Easy Way to Lose Weight? (Channel 5)

Large double tray air fryer on a kitchen countertop

During our weekly grocery trips, the lure of convenient and budget-friendly processed foods often overshadows healthier choices, negatively impacting our health and contributing to weight gain.

In this show, Alexis Conran introduces viewers to budget-friendly meal plans designed for weight loss, utilizing the beloved kitchen tool—the air fryer. This device promises to bake or fry dishes with minimal oil usage.

The programme features Amy from Manchester, who noticed weight gain following the birth of her baby, Teddy.

With a history of successful dieting, she’s hopeful that the air fryer will enable her to prepare nutritious meals for her family of five, steering clear of the temptation to snack in the afternoons.

Air fryer cook and writer Clare Andrews shares simple recipes aimed at those looking to lose weight. Dr Emeka Okorocha reveals the truths behind the adage “you are what you eat”.

Psychologist Serena Simmons provides insights on maintaining healthy eating habits and critiques the concept of dieting.

Celebrities including Vanessa Feltz, Christopher Biggins, John Thomson, Jenny Powell, and Mark Labbett share their weight loss experiences, highlighting that the effectiveness of the air fryer depends on the choices of food prepared in it.

Air Fryers: An Easy Way to Lose Weight? airs on Channel 5 on Wednesday, 28 February 2024 at 9:00PM.

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