Ainsley Harriott and Jimmy Doherty take ITV viewers on a culinary tour

ITV is set to tantalize the taste buds of its viewers with two new culinary series.


Ainsley Harriott and Jimmy Doherty will each front new five-part series in 2024.

The upcoming shows, Ainsley’s Taste of Malta and Jimmy Doherty’s Taste of Florida, promise to take audiences on a flavorful journey through two of the world’s most vibrant culinary destinations.

Ainsley Harriott will kick off the Taste of… travelogue series with Ainsley’s Taste of Malta. In this show, he explores Malta’s rich cultural and culinary heritage, a fusion of thousands of years of history. Known for his engaging personality, Ainsley will delve into Malta’s famous locales and its hidden culinary treasures, from Valletta to the islands of Gozo and Comino. Viewers can expect an array of Maltese recipes brimming with the unique flavours of this Mediterranean gem.

Following Ainsley’s Maltese adventure, Jimmy Doherty will fulfil a lifelong aspiration in Jimmy Doherty’s Taste of Florida. This series showcases Florida’s diverse food scene, influenced by Spanish, Greek, Jamaican, Cuban, and African-American cuisines. Jimmy will guide viewers through Florida’s epic landscapes, from the Everglades to Miami’s vibrant nightlife, offering a taste of the state’s rich culinary tapestry through easily accessible and simple dishes.

Ainsley Harriott said: “I was thrilled to be asked to share some of Malta’s tastiest culinary stories with ITV viewers. We all know Malta for its incredible history and fantastic weather, but for a relatively small country, it really packs a punch food-wise too, with so much to discover for a hungry traveller like me! The people, places and flavours of Malta were a revelation, so I really hope people will try my Maltese-inspired recipes at home.”

Jimmy Doherty added: “I love the USA but didn’t know Florida well, so I jumped at the chance to explore a favourite holiday destination for Brits through its food…and it didn’t disappoint! From boiled peanuts to Michelin-starred fine dining and everything in between, Florida has a great food story to tell. I’m a cook rather than a chef, so I was on the lookout for simple, accessible, easy dishes that anyone can have a go at, and of course, I met some great characters along the way too!”


Produced by Rock Oyster Media and brought to life by producers David Nottage and Charlotte Davis, the shows were commissioned by Leanne Clarke from ITV Entertainment.

Watch Ainsley’s Taste of Malta and Jimmy Doherty’s Taste of Florida on ITV1 and ITVX in early 2024

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