Adrian Dunbar says Line of Duty cast are ‘keeping everything crossed’ for new series

Adrian Dunbar has revealed the Line of Duty cast are ‘keeping everything crossed’ for a new series.


Appearing on Lorraine today, Adrian shared his hopes that there’s more of the hit show in the pipeline – with host Lorraine Kelly even workshopping a Line of Duty musical.

Adrian, who plays the iconically catchphrased Superintendent Ted Hastings in the BBC One series, explained how he and the cast, which includes Vicky McClure and Martin Compston, are keen to get back to Belfast, where the show is filmed, to “have a bit of fun”.

Lorraine asked: “Do we think perhaps if we can get you all in the same room, you might do another one?”

Adrian replied: “Yes, there is every possibility. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll hear something at some point. We all want to get back together again. We’d love to go back to Belfast again.

“The last time we did it it was in lockdown, so we were all in bubbles. We couldn’t get out… everything was shut. So we’d like to get back to Belfast for a bit of fun.”

Discussing Adrian’s love of singing, Lorraine also asked: “Could we do a musical version of Line of Duty? It would have to be operatic, wouldn’t it? I would love to see him singing, ‘We are sucking diesel’…”


Adrian laughed: “I’d like to see Martin Compston [singing]… I think that’s got legs, Lorraine.”

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