Adam Woodyatt, David Ginola and Naughty Boy win just four stars in I’m A Celebrity trial

Adam Woodyatt, David Ginola and Naughty Boy won just four stars in their I’m A Celebrity trial tonight.


The trio were voted by the public to part in the latest challenge for meals, called Cells Of Hell.

Arriving at the Trial with Adam and David, Naughty Boy told Ant and Dec: “I’ve been wanting these two to do a Trial and I’m just really excited that I’m the one to do it with them.”

Ant explained: “You’ll each be locked in a separate cell. The object of the Trial is to open the lockers in the third cell and retrieve the 11 stars inside. You’ll only be able to do that by retrieving the keys from the lockers in the previous two cells and pass them on. You’ve got 11 minutes to do that.”

Stars needed to be in the star bag to count towards a meal. Dec noted: “This is a Trial so chances are you’re not going to be alone. Some Castle Nasties could be joining you.”

They decided among themselves who went in which cell. Naughty Boy declared: “I think I’m comfortable going for glory.”

David opted to start while Adam went in the middle cell.


As they worked, they were pelted with rotten fruit, offal and more gunk. As a result the keys became harder to find and each initially struggled to open the increasingly slippery padlocks. David soon found a rhythm and they ended up ahead of themselves as Naughty Boy struggled to open his padlocks.

As a result Adam started dropping the keys onto the floor in Naughty Boy’s cell. Meanwhile, he struggled to get the stars in the bag, which wasted time.

Frustrated, Adam asked: “Can I go in there [to Naughty Boy’s cell]?” before he told David to stop collecting keys and said: “It’s kind of pointless, he’s got six keys on the floor.”

Naughty Boy yelled: “This is definitely not my favourite Trial!”

After the Trial ended, it was confirmed they’d collected 4 out of 11 stars.

And discussing Adam having dropped keys onto the floor of Naughty Boy’s cell, Naughty Boy said: “That made it a bit difficult… I had to look for them in the mess.”

Naughty Boy said: “I tried my best”. Adam concurred: “I know you did.”

Naughty Boy said to Ant and Dec: “I’m disappointed as I’m the one who could have got another three.”


David comforted him: “Don’t worry about that. Out of five games you can have a bad one.”

I’m A Celebrity continues nightly on ITV and ITV Hub.