Adam Thomas asked brothers for a lifeline vote on Strictly Come Dancing


Adam Thomas has revealed he’s been calling on his brothers to help keep him in the competition.

In a revelation on the Mancs on the Mic podcast, Strictly Come Dancing’s Adam Thomas confessed that he was so anxious about his performance in the Backstreet Boys ‘couple’s choice’ dance, that he sought votes from his brothers, Ryan and Scott Thomas.

The latest episode provided more insight into the dynamics of the famous Thomas brothers – actor Ryan, actor Adam, and entrepreneur Scott.

Adam Thomas & Luba Mushtuk
Adam Thomas & Luba Mushtuk. Credit: BBC/Ray Burniston

Adam expressed his insecurities about dancing with professional partner Luba Mushtuk: “I didn’t think it was my best performance if I’m being truly honest with myself.

“That was genuinely the first time I’ve ever asked for my brothers to vote for me, that’s how bad it was.”

Ryan quipped in response, “That’s how bad it was, and I got my first nine!”

Scott praised Adam’s efforts by saying: “It was unbelievable and the fact that you can move that quick and you knew that choreography…”

Adam, however, had a humorous yet candid take on it: “I mean, I didn’t really know it, …throughout the whole dance I was just looking at Luba going, ‘what am I doing next?’ We got through it. I got a nine…, I didn’t expect to get the results that I’d gotten…”

Scott further detailed an emotional moment that took place behind the scenes.

“I tell you why that was your best performance because you gave that charisma you actually gave that energy where you just threw yourself into it. I think it was a lot of emotions, obviously people don’t know this at home but you broke down crying, you were watching the VT in the studio and then you broke down,” he said.

Recalling the overwhelming moment, Adam said: “I watched the VT and obviously you can hear it in the studio and everyone can watch it on the screen and literally seconds before I was about to do the dance, I was on my knees crying and then the whole crowd was going ‘come on Adam you can do it…’ , and they [announcement] went ‘and dancing, the de de de, Adam and Luba!,’ I just had to pull it together last minute.”

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