Ackley Bridge 2021 episodes and how to watch online and TV

Ackley Bridge series 4 number of episodes, time and channel

Ackley Bridge series 4 has arrived on Channel 4 for 2021 – here’s when to watch on TV and how to watch online.


The award-winning school drama series set in a Yorkshire mill town returns to Channel 4 with a brand-new format, some fresh faces, and some familiar favourite characters too.

Inspired by real-life Lancashire and Yorkshire schools established to integrate the White and Asian communities in some of the most divided towns in the country, Ackley Bridge has won praise across its previous three series for tackling real-life situations and issues in an irreverent, insightful way, with humour and punchy, big hearted stories.

Here’s all you need to know about series 4…

Watch Ackley Bridge series 4 on TV and online

Ackley Bridge will air week-nights at 6PM on Channel 4 from Monday, 19 April.

Series 4 of Ackley Bridge has ten episodes, with the show airing for two weeks.

The whole series is also available to watch online in full on All 4 here following transmission of the first episode.


The past three series are also available on All 4 to watch online on catch up.

Ackley Bridge 2021 episodes

Episode 1
Kayla and Fizza forge a friendship with new boy Johnny, who enrols in their class, ruffling feathers throughout the school. Also joining Year 11 is Tahir, Kaneez’s nephew from Manchester. Martin experiences a baptism of fire as Acting Headteacher and Kayla also finds herself at the centre of a cruel prank that goes viral across the school.

Episode 2
The Romany Gypsies are wrongly blamed for robbing the school and an offended Johnny understandably walks out. Martin has problems at home as well as a job interview, but he needs to make things right. Kayla learns more about Johnny and inadvertently enters into a pact.

Episode 3
Fizza goes off the rails when her mother protests against sex education at the school. A visit with her sister to Johnny’s site ends in tears and she is reprimanded by Martin. She goes on a date with Gav while Kayla and Johnny get closer.

Episode 4
Tahir’s tall stories catch up with him when his plan to help Sam backfires with disastrous consequences. Kayla decides to keep a secret from Fizza, who has received bad news about her mum. Martin discovers Johnny has a talent and makes him an offer.

Episode 5
Sparks fly between Fizza and Kayla when the truth comes out about the deleted text. Tahir steals an opportunity at the talent show and Johnny and Fizza are brought closer together. Mandy has some news and Zainab reveals her true agenda to Kaneez.

Episode 6
Kayla’s world implodes when she hears where Fizza was on Friday. The school trip to the Brontë Museum is a disaster, and Johnny attempts to cheer Kayla up, but his world is about to fall apart too.


Episode 7
Johnny takes part in a boxing match to pay off a debt, while Martin tries to persuade him not to leave school and Kayla tries to figure out where she stands. Meanwhile, Kaneez learns more about Zainab and her past.

Episode 8
Fizza reconnects with Gav and learns the truth about her Mum’s attack, Martin enlists the help of “Jane” from the dating app to stop the sale of the school field, and Kayla and Fizza get a shock when they hear about Johnny.

Episode 9
Tahir’s world is turned upside down when Hayley reveals she’s pregnant. Fizza and Kayla confront Johnny over his lies, but the backlash results in a rift between the two girls, and Johnny is torn – should he marry Rose or not?


Episode 10
It’s the day before the wedding: Jules is worried about Kayla, who is putting on a brave face. Fizza is trying to make amends and Johnny is determined to do the right thing – but what is it?

Picture: Kayla (ROBYN CARA).Fizza (YASMIN AL KHUDHAIRI). Photographer: Stuart Wood

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