Absolutely Ascot spoiler! It all kicks off in a dramatic series finale

Absolutely Ascot’s latest series concludes tonight on ITVBe and it’s all kicking off.

Absolutely Ascot is the reality series that takes a close look at the extravagant lifestyles and tumultuous love-lives of Ascot’s most glamorous.

Season 2 of the hit show finishes this evening (November 10) on ITVBe at 10PM.

In tonight’s series finale, it’s Ryan Paul Antony’s birthday and there’s no shortage of drama.

There’s a huge row between exes Gary Ball and Claudia Smith after Amber Tucker claims Gary had blamed their split on Claudia’s mum, Lee Smith.

Keen to get to the bottom of what has or hasn’t been said, Claudia confronts Gary but things quickly get heated between him, Claudia’s brother Samson and Sam Barnard.

You can watch a teaser of the drama unfold above as security eventually step in to split up the warring group.

Meanwhile, Leah Fletcher and Henry Simmons also find themselves in a row at the party.


“You make me feel like I’m not even worth anything and I’ve done nothing wrong to you,” says Leah. “I don’t deserve what you’ve put me through.”

“I’ve done nothing wrong,” insists Henry, adding: “Your head is not straight.”

“No, your head is not straight!” reacts Leah as she breaks down in tears.

Elsewhere tonight, the love triangle between Mia, Charlotte and Rudi comes to a head.

With all the drama, birthday boy Ryan laments: “This party has been a f**king disaster. It’s my birthday and I’m sick to death of hearing about everyone’s problems on my day.

“I’m f**king fuming and if I’d have known, none of them would have been invited.”

Absolutely Ascot concludes this evening (November 10) at 10pm on ITVBe.

You can watch past episodes from season 2 online and catch up via the ITV Hub.

You can also catch up on the latest episodes and series 1 of Absolutely Ascot via Amazon Prime Video.

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