Absolutely Ascot spoiler: Amber clashes with Mia in explosive row over Leah

Absolutely Ascot continues tonight on ITVBe where Amber Tucker finds herself coming to blows with Mia Sully.

The pair argue over the phone after Amber tells Leah Fletcher that Mia had been “talking about her rotten”.

Absolutely Ascot is the reality series that takes a close look at the extravagant lifestyles and tumultuous love-lives of Ascot’s most glamorous.

Season 2 of the hit show is currently airing Sunday nights on ITVBe at 10PM.

In tonight’s episode, Amber quizzes Leah about Mia after the pair made up following a big row.

Amber then reveals: “She literally talked about you rotten the day before.”

Keen to know what’s been said, Leah phones Mia to confront her: “Amber just told me apparently you’ve been speaking about me rotten.”

Amber then gets involved in the call with Mia snapping: “Amber why are you trying to cause drama…”

Amber hits back: “You’ve talked about her to us and then you’ve gone and been her best mate the next minute. Don’t talk about someone, don’t confide in us for your support and go back and be their friend the next minute, it’s not on.”

But Mia responds: “Why do you keep bringing it up? We’ve made up. Get over it, f**king boring,” before hanging up.

Amber then comments: “She’s run Leah into the ground and the next minute they’re walking around holding hands. It’s wrong.”

Speaking to the camera, Leah comments: “I personally think Amber loves a drama.”

Her pal Ryan Paul Antony agrees: “Amber is a stirrer full stop.”

Elsewhere tonight, Leah discusses her feelings for Henry while Samson pulls out the stops to impress Chloe.

Absolutely Ascot continues this evening (November 3) at 10pm on ITVBe.

Series 2 of Absolutely Ascot will run for eight episodes.

You can watch episodes online and catch up via the ITV Hub.

You can also catch up on the latest episodes and the past series of Absolutely Ascot via Amazon Prime Video.

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