Aaron from The Traitors looks for love on First Dates

Aaron on The Traitors
Aaron on The Traitors

The Traitors series one winner Aaron pops up on First Dates on Channel 4 tonight.

Aaron was one of three faithfuls who won series one of The Traitors UK, sharing between them a prize pot of £101,050.

Following his victory, he said of the prize money: “I think I’ve said this the whole way through, but I’ll be putting down a chunk of it for a deposit on my mum’s house.”

And Aaron said of winning in a tense final: “I didn’t really know how to feel at that point in time, but I think you can see by my reactions on the show, I was just overwhelmed. It was crazy.”


Now Aaron is set for a very different appearance on reality TV.

This evening sees the 26-year-old step into the First Dates restaurant.

The Devon barman is matched on the Channel 4 show with straight-A student Laura.

The pair bond over their fidget spinner rings and ADHD and can’t keep their hands off each other. But Laura doesn’t recognise Aaron from his brush with fame. Is this the faithful match they’re both hoping for? Or will they be banished from each other’s lives?

First Dates airs at 10PM on Tuesday nights on Channel 4.

Also on tonight’s episode, Krissy is stepping back into the dating world after becoming a mother for the first time at 51. Now 54, she meets Rob, a chauffeur to celebrities like Robbie Williams, Mariah Carey, and Mick Jagger.

Meanwhile, British Sign Language user and self-styled ‘nice guy’ Shaun hopes to win over his date, Carly, with his Mr Bean impersonation. Shaun shares that he has been single for 13 years, a situation he attributes to the guilt he feels over a friend’s untimely death.

Plus, Neil, a retail assistant with a passion for roller-skating, fears his exuberant personality might be too much for some. He meets ‘aviation geek’ Oliver, who is on the lookout for someone to help his love life take flight.