A Town Called Malice cancelled after first series

A Town Called Malice

Sky’s latest drama A Town Called Malice will not return for a second series.

The show, which premiered on Sky Max and NOW last March, featured an impressive ensemble including Jason Flemyng, Jack Rowan, Tahirah Sharif, and Martha Plimpton.

Created by Nick Love, known for works such as Bulletproof and The Sweeney, the series followed the Lords, a family of petty thieves from South London. The plot centred around the youngest son, Gene, portrayed by Rowan, and his fiancée Cindy, played by Sharif, who find themselves entangled in the local underworld after fleeing to Spain.

Despite its promise and a pulsating 1980s soundtrack, the series struggled to capture a significant audience, leading to its cancellation.

A spokesperson for Sky said: “A Town Called Malice is a riotous, neon-soaked love letter to the 80s and we are enormously proud of the series.

“Though we won’t be returning to the Costa del Crime, we would like to thank Nick Love, the cast, and the team at Vertigo Films for their hard work and creative vision.”

The series, a co-production between Vertigo Films, Rogue State, and Sky Studios, began filming in January 2022. It promised to offer a fresh take on the crime drama genre, driven strongly by its 80s music theme.

While there won’t be a series two, you can catch up on the first series on Sky on Demand and NOW now.

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