A House Through Time series four is coming to BBC Two in 2021

A House Through Time has been confirmed for a fourth series in 2021.


The hit BBC Two history show will see historian and presenter David Olusoga head to Leeds next year.

He’ll journey through the lives of residents within a single house in Leeds, bringing to light the fascinating stories of previously unknown individuals, and uncovering what life was like for them – using thorough detective work, contemporary documents and genealogical records.

The search for a new house in Leeds has already begun, and with the city’s close ties with the Civil War, pioneering industrial-age connections, and technological advancements, the team expects to find no shortage of drama for series four.

Presenter Professor David Olusoga said: “Leeds is a fascinating city that I am fortunate to have close personal ties with, so I am particularly looking forward to learning more about its history.

“My parents lived in the city during the 1960s and I have family in Leeds today. I am excited at the prospect of coming back to a city that I studied in and called home during the 1990s, a city I’ve been fond of ever since.”

Patrick Holland, BBC Two Controller added: “A House Through Time is a time machine, taking the audience deep into the lost lives of everyday Britons, exploring the forces and incidents that made their worlds.


“David Olusoga is a unique voice, bringing brilliant historical analysis together with unequalled empathy and storytelling skill. With consolidated audiences of over three million for this current series, I am delighted that the audience is as appreciative of this wonderful programme as I am.”

Executive Producer, Mary Crisp, commented: “We’re excited to uncover the fascinating history of Leeds, and in particular its remarkable industrial story.

“The show is about regular people, living extraordinary lives because of the time they lived and the circumstances they found themselves in. If you know a house that could fit the requirements for series four, please get in touch.”

If you feel you may know a historic property in Leeds that could be the location for a multitude of fascinating revelations, contact


A House Through Time airs on BBC Two.

At the time of writing, series 3 is currently available to stream online via BBC iPlayer.

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