5 Gold Rings: All about Phillip Schofield’s new game show and app

New TV show on ITV with app

Phillip Schofield hits ITV tonight with a second series of new game show 5 Gold Rings, but how does it work?


Well here’s all you need to know about the new gameshow…

5 Gold Rings: What is it?!

In this game, every pixel counts. The format sees two teams go head to head over five rounds. One team will be walking away with up to £25,000 whilst the other will leave with nothing. Who wins and who loses is decided in a unique way… using five gold rings.

It sounds simple enough: The teams will have to battle it out against the clock to answer questions by placing gold rings onto a supersized image displayed beneath their feet on a huge circular LED floor.

For example, the picture might be a map of the world and teams will attempt the question, ‘Where is the highest mountain on earth?’ by placing a gold ring on the image where they think the answer is.

However, each round will get decidedly more difficult as after every correct answer is given all of their remaining gold rings will decrease in size – making it even tougher to find and encircle the next correct answer.

Phillip Schofield said: “I love the whole concept of this game, it’s a great family show that allows the viewers to take part and join in – whether that’s through the app or just pointing at their TV sets. The new twists also make for some really tense and exciting battles amongst the contestants.”


For the teams the stakes are even higher in series 2 as the they will now have just one chance to answer each question: if they answer the question correctly they will win the cash. But if they are incorrect, the opposing team will have the chance to steal that question – and the cash.

This means they could now win DOUBLE the jackpot – over £50,000!

To help the teams they will also be given the two ‘5 Gold Rings lifelines’. They can flip the floor revealing a new question and they can use their team of five, made up of family and friends sat in the audience who, using a digital tablet, will be able to place a virtual ring where they think the correct answer is.

5 Gold Rings airs at 7PM, Sunday nights on ITV. Episode five airs tonight, September 30.

5 Gold Rings App

You’ll also be able to play along at home using the 5 Gold Rings app online.

To download the 5 Gold Rings App for iOS click here.

To download the 5 Gold Rings App for Android click here.


In the last show of the series, married couple Taffa (29) and Rachel (33) from Somerset are hoping they can walk away with the top prize as Taffa would love to take his mum back to Gambia where she still has family and Rachel has her eye on a new motorbike.

Competing against Taffa and Rachel is work friends Pia (29) and Jonjo (27) from London who, if they win, would like to take a trip to South America.