24 Hours In Police Custody tonight as detectives investigate ‘two wrongs’

24 Hours In Police Custody returns to Channel 4 with a brand new episode tonight on Channel 4.


The new episode, Two Wrongs, will air on Monday 28 November at 9PM on Channel 4.

The mini-series takes viewers behind the scenes of a gripping police investigation into a woman who is plotting to have her ex-husband killed.

This week’s episode begins late at night in a quiet village in rural Bedfordshire, when a husband and wife are woken by what sounds like a break-in at their property. The husband runs downstairs to confront what he believes are burglars, who flee the scene on motorbikes. The husband makes the fateful decision to get in his car and begin a high-speed pursuit.

Minutes later police receive a call reporting a devastating crash. At the scene, two men are still trapped under a vehicle, both having apparently suffered critical injuries. The driver of the Mercedes is arrested while one of the motorcyclists is airlifted to a major trauma hospital.

As the driver is taken into custody, he asks the arresting officer: ‘I am not going to prison for this, am I?’

Detective Inspector Grant Maxted of Bedfordshire Police investigates what happened at the devastating crash and what lay behind it. Who were the men at the property and what were they up to? Was the householder within his rights to chase them in his car? Was he intending to deliberately hurt them when the crash occurred?

Part of DI Maxted’s job takes him to uncomfortable places. Cameras follow every twist and turn of a complex live case that explores potentially life-ending and life-changing decisions taken in the heat of the moment.

Are crimes against the person worse than those against property? What are the rights and wrongs of those who choose to take the law into their own hands?


24 Hours In Police Custody airs Monday night at 9PM on Channel 4 at 9PM.

You can watch and catch up on episodes of 24 Hours In Police Custody online via the All 4 website.