24 Hours In Police Custody returns with drugs bust special

24 Hours In Police Custody returns to Channel 4 with a new special this week.


A two-part special, The Home County Cartel, will air on Sunday 8 November and Monday 9 November at 9PM on Channel 4.

The mini-series focuses on the work of covert detectives from the Eastern Region Special Operation Unit. A consignment weighing more than 100 kilos of Class A drugs has been intercepted while being imported into the UK from Europe.

To reveal who is behind this, an undercover operation is authorised to closely monitor the shipment, using audio and visual equipment, as it travels to its final destination at a farm in rural Hertfordshire.

The detectives believe that the consignment is one of 39 deliveries that are part of a conspiracy to flood the streets with Class A drugs worth £58 million. The criminals are using cutting edge technology to organise the shipment.

In the first of two episodes, the covert team get a lucky break and gain access to messages being sent on specialist Encro encrypted phones.

The men behind the conspiracy believe these phones can never be accessed by the authorities and their messages give away a vital clue – their leader is working under the code name ‘Jaguar Palace’.


In the second half of the two-parter, cameras follow every twist and turn of the investigation, as the covert team try to find the true identity of Jaguar Palace, and the evidence to link him directly to the conspiracy.

The detectives begin a nerve-shredding wait for the criminal network to set up their lucrative operation again; and stand ready to strike against the ring leaders when they do.

This is real-life drama where the facts turn out to be more compelling than fiction


24 Hours In Police Custody airs Sunday and Monday night on Channel 4 at 9PM.

You can watch and catch up on episodes online via Channel 4.