24 Hours In Police Custody 2021 new series episodes and how to watch online

24 Hours In Police Custody on TV and online and number of episodes

24 Hours In Police Custody returns to Channel 4 with a new series for 2021 this week.

The UK’s biggest and most successful true crime documentary series returns, taking viewers behind the scenes of police investigations into major crimes.

Watch 24 Hours In Police Custody on TV and online

24 Hours In Police Custody’s new 2021 series begins on Monday, 22 March at 9PM on Channel 4.

The new series as four episodes.

You can watch and catch up on episodes of 24 Hours In Police Custody online via the All 4 website here.


24 Hours In Police Custody episodes – 2021

Episode 1 – 22 March

In Bedfordshire, a 23-year-old man is under arrest, but this isn’t his first time in custody. In fact, he claims he has been held by the police many hundreds of times before. He is accused of committing a string of crimes where his victims have been left badly hurt. In his interview he simply answers ‘no comment’.

Without fresh evidence, officers have no choice but to release the suspect. Within days of leaving police custody, the man is named by the public in reports of a fresh crime wave, which this time culminates in a sex attack on a young woman. On the run and apparently out of control, the suspect is now officially ‘Most Wanted’.

Cameras follow as armed officers are deployed to find and arrest him. Every twist and turn of the case is recorded as DS Gilbert and her team piece together enough evidence to convict a suspect she regards as a danger to the public.


Episode 2 – 29 March

In Luton, a man is fighting for his life after being shot at point blank range in the chest with a handgun. The attack appears to be a completely unprovoked shooting of a stranger. With a gunman on the loose, the police launch a frantic operation to find the identity of the suspect.

A young woman walks into Luton police station and tells detectives she too has been threatened by the man. ‘He caught me by my throat, and put the gun against my head and asked me whether if I was a wolverine or wolf.’

Cameras follow every twist and turn of the manhunt as detectives gather evidence to work out what really lies behind the attempted murder of an innocent man, as they try to catch the shooter before he strikes again. This is real-life drama where the facts really do turn out to be stranger than fiction.


Episode 3 – 5 April

DCI Adam Gallop of the Major Crime Unit in Cambridgeshire has a problem. He is in charge of the force’s most mystifying and complex murder inquiry. He believes that a man who disappeared in September 2015 has been brutally murdered but, so far, he hasn’t recovered the victim’s body; which means he can’t be sure what has happened to him and who might have killed him.

DS Mark Devine, who has investigated more than 200 murders, worries that, on the longest running job that he has tackled, he is running out of people to talk to and that any forensic evidence is disappearing. New intelligence suggests that the man may have been driven to a woodland at gunpoint by an organised crime group; and once there was forced to dig his own grave before being shot dead.

The police investigation takes officers from an urgent excavation in the woods across Europe in search of clues. Cameras follow every twist of the hunt for the body; a hunt that has become a personal mission for the officers involved. Then suddenly the case takes an extraordinarily dramatic turn – a new post appears on a Facebook page associated with the man.


Episode 4 – 12 April

The police have been called to the scene of an attack on a man who has been left badly injured at home. He is transferred to hospital to receive urgent specialist treatment for brain trauma that doctors believe is so severe he is unlikely to survive.

Investigating officer Alicia Lawrence, of Bedfordshire Police, realises she already knows the victim because just a few days before she met him when he came into Luton Police Station. At the time he seemed healthy and happy.

When the man dies of his injuries she is transferred to the Major Crime Unit to help investigate. Cameras follow every twist and turn of a deeply personal investigation where detectives try to find out what lay behind the attack, as they ask the question: What, if anything, could have saved his life?


24 Hours In Police Custody airs Mondays at 9PM on Channel 4.