X Factor fans slam Ayda Williams choices for the live shows

Ayda Williams has chosen her finalists for the X Factor live shows – but fans aren’t impressed.

Tonight saw judges’ houses conclude as we headed to LA and Ayda Williams’ home with her Overs category.

The remaining six acts performed for the new X Factor judge and her two special guests: American Idol star Adam Lambert and former X Factor winner Leona Lewis.

When it came to who Ayda took through, she chose Danny Tetley, 37 from Bradford, Giovanni Spano, 33 from London, Janice Robinson, 50 from USA and Olatunji Yearwood, 32 from Trinidad and Tobago. That meant us saying goodbye to Louise Setara, 30 from Surrey and Ricky John, 37 from London.

As the results aired, Ayda began to trend on Twitter as viewers took aim at her decisions.

@Cirah_TV posted: “Ayda is mad! How could she send Louise home! #XFactor”

@Buxton1991 wrote: “Ayda what are you doing?!? So many bad decisions!! #XFactor”

And @leannep22 took to Twitter to rant: “Has Ayda lost her effing mind??!!!! Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. #XFactor”

“I’ve never seen a judges houses worse than Ayda’s, she turned down amazing people tf ?? #xfactor #JudgesHouses,” shared @marky_williamsx.

More angry tweets came from @Y55UMR who posted: “I honestly thought Louise could’ve won won the entire competition. How could ayda send her home after a performance like that #XFactor”

“Don’t usually tweet about #XFactor. But Ayda has just got rid of some of the strongest contestants for people less talented. ??‍♂️ #JudgesHouses,” added @TomMunns1.

However what’s done has been done and Ayda’s chosen four will go forward to the live shows next Saturday and Sunday night.

They join the previously announced contestants in Robbie William’s Groups category – 15-strong LMA Choir, teenage duo A Star, pals Stefan and Jeff aka Misunderstood and boyband Vibe 5 – together with Louis’ boys 28-year-old Anthony Russell from Liverpool, 23-year-old Armstrong Martins from London, 21-year-old Brendan Murray from Galway and 24-year-old Dalton Andre Harris from Jamaica.

Plus, Simon Cowell’s final four girls 19-year-old Bella Penfold from Essex, 16-year-old Molly Scott from County Durham, 20-year-old Scarlett Lee from Surrey and 25-year-old Shan from Croydon.