X Factor ‘considering axing open auditions after this year’s series’

The X Factor is reportedly considering cutting its open audition process after a decline in applicants.

Wannabe singers are said to be choosing to apply via other means – including online and via WhatsApp – instead of queuing up to sing in person.

Auditions for The X Factor 2018 are currently taking place across the country, with producers visiting London at the weekend.

But turnout was said to be disappointing, with thousands instead opting to upload videos rather than wait to be seen.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: “The production team are claiming they have been hammering the video auditions and that is why turnout is so low.

“They also say that no one can be bothered to queue anymore and they don’t want to sit around and wait all day.”

Another insider added: “It would be a logical step for the Open Auditions to come to an end after 2018 as clearly numbers attending are dwindling.”

The tabloid claims that tens of thousands have applied to the new series so far, but only 1,500 of those turned up at open auditions in London on Sunday.

The X Factor wouldn’t be the first show to move its casting online – Big Brother did the same in 2012. Love Island also uses an online only application process.

Meanwhile, if you want to audition for The X Factor this year there is still plenty of time.

The age limit is 14 once again but you can still apply if you’re 13 right now, so long as you’ll be fourteen years of age or over by the 23rd July 2018 at 23:59 GMT.

Note, those under 18 must have their parent’s/guardian’s permission to apply.

As always, solo singers, groups and duos can all audition and as long as you’re old enough there aren’t really any other restrictions.

So if you think you’ve got what it takes you can apply right this second on the ITV website HERE.

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