Winners of The Apprentice UK and where they are now

The Apprentice - Lord Sugar - (C) Ray Burmiston - Photographer: Ray Burmiston
The Apprentice - Lord Sugar - (C) Ray Burmiston - Photographer: Ray Burmiston

Here’s a look at all of the winners from The Apprentice UK and where they are now.

Each series of The Apprentice sees a group of ambitious candidates put through their paces in a variety of tasks, aiming to showcase their business acumen, leadership skills, and commercial insight.

Here, we take a look at the winners from each series, and what they’re up to now.

Series 1 (2005): Tim Campbell

Tim Campbell on The Apprentice

Tim Campbell was the first to hear Lord Sugar’s iconic “You’re hired!” thanks to his calm demeanour and solid business sense. He won a £100,000-a-year job and worked for Lord Sugar’s Amstrad company for two years.

After leaving Amstrad, Tim Campbell has continued to make his mark as an entrepreneur and advocate for young business talent. He founded the Bright Ideas Trust, a charity that helps young people start their own businesses. More recently, he has returned to the show as one of Lord Sugar’s aides in place of Claude Littner.


Series 2 (2006): Michelle Dewberry

Michelle Dewberry, dubbed the “Silent Assassin” for her quiet determination, clinched the title in the second series. She took up a role at Xenon Green, a waste management project backed by Lord Sugar, before moving on to establish her own business ventures and work as a media personality and pundit.


Series 3 (2007): Simon Ambrose

Simon Ambrose impressed with his intelligence and creativity, leading to his victory. Post-Apprentice, he worked for Lord Sugar’s property company, Amsprop, and later pursued various business interests, including running a London-based events venue.

He was also the chairman of the London Contemporary Orchestra, demonstrating his passion for both the arts and business. Simon has kept a relatively low public profile compared to some of his fellow winners.


Series 4 (2008): Lee McQueen

Lee McQueen’s memorable catchphrase “That’s what I’m talking about!” and his overcoming of a rocky start in the competition, demonstrated his resilience and salesmanship. After his win, he worked for Lord Sugar’s healthcare division, eventually leaving to set up his own recruitment company, Raw Talent Academy.


Series 5 (2009): Yasmina Siadatan

Yasmina Siadatan, known for her financial acumen and strategic thinking, won the fifth series. She took a role in Lord Sugar’s Amscreen, a digital signage company.

After her stint at Amscreen, Yasmina joined the Start Up Loans Company, which provides government-backed personal loans for business purposes. She has continued her career in the financial sector, focusing on supporting small businesses and startups.


Series 6 (2010): Stella English

Stella English’s professionalism and corporate experience shone through in series six. Despite winning, her tenure with Lord Sugar was short-lived and ended with a legal battle.

Stella later shifted her focus to television and public speaking, sharing her experiences in business and her journey through The Apprentice. She has appeared on various TV programmes and events as a motivational speaker.


Series 7 (2011): Tom Pellereau

Innovator Tom Pellereau, known for his inventiveness and kind nature, was the first winner under the revamped format, where the prize was a £250,000 investment instead of a job. He has successfully launched a range of ergonomic beauty products with Lord Sugar’s backing.


Series 8 (2012): Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin, a professional wrestler and recruitment team leader, impressed with his market knowledge and business plan. His win led to the creation of Hyper Recruitment Solutions, specialising in science and technology sectors, with Lord Sugar’s investment.

Since winning, Ricky has focused on expanding Hyper Recruitment Solutions (HRS). He remains in business with Lord Sugar.


Series 9 (2013): Leah Totton

Leah Totton used her medical background to propose an aesthetic clinic business, winning Lord Sugar’s investment. She successfully launched Dr Leah Clinics, focusing on cosmetic and aesthetic treatments.

Still in business with Lord Sugar, Dr Leah Totton has expanded her Dr Leah Clinics. Her clinics have won awards, and she has established herself as a leading figure in the cosmetic medicine industry.


Series 10 (2014): Mark Wright

Digital marketing expert Mark Wright won series ten with his plan for a digital marketing agency. Climb Online, the company he founded with Lord Sugar’s investment, has become a successful digital marketing agency.

He has become a respected figure in digital marketing, sharing his expertise through speaking engagements and media appearances


Series 11 (2015): Joseph Valente

Joseph Valente, with his passion for plumbing and heating, won Lord Sugar’s backing to expand his business, ImpraGas. Though Lord Sugar later exited the business, Joseph has continued to focus on business coaching and motivational speaking, sharing his experiences and insights on entrepreneurship and personal development.


Series 12 (2016): Alana Spencer

Alana Spencer’s artisan cake company, Ridiculously Rich by Alana, won her Lord Sugar’s investment. Her business has since expanded, offering luxury handmade cakes and confectionery across the UK.


Series 13 (2017): James White and Sarah Lynn

In a series first, Lord Sugar couldn’t decide between the final two candidates, resulting in both James White, a recruitment firm owner, and Sarah Lynn, a confectionery company owner, receiving investments.

White expanded his recruitment business, and Lynn has grown her company, Sweets in the City. Lord Sugar is no longer involved in either company.


Series 14 (2018): Sian Gabbidon

Fashion designer Sian Gabbidon won with her swimwear brand, which offers bespoke, tailor-made swimsuits and bikinis. Lord Sugar’s investment has helped her to develop and expand Sian Marie Fashion.

Lord Sugar parted ways with the business in 2022.


Series 15 (2019): Carina Lepore

Carina Lepore impressed with her artisan bakery business plan, leading to Dough Artisan Bakehouse’s expansion with Lord Sugar’s investment. Her focus on high-quality, traditional baking methods has proven successful, opening a second bakery with plans for a third.

Lord Sugar exited the business in 2023.


Series 16 (2022): Harpreet Kaur

Harpreet Kaur
Harpreet Kaur

After a break due to the pandemic, Lord Sugar picked Harpreet to be his next business partner in 2022 series. Her dessert business Oh So Yum! received a £250,000 investment and 50/50 partnership with the multi-millionaire business mogul.

18 months later, Harpreet bought out Lord Sugar’s share to regain full control of the company.


Series 17 (2023): Marnie Swindells

Marnie Swindells
Marnie Swindells

Last year’s winner of The Apprentice was Marnie Swindells. Her community focused boxing gym, BRONX won a £250,000 investment.

Lord Sugar said in the final: “I’ve always been known to be a gambler, I’ve always been known to try new horizons so I’m going to try a new horizon… Marnie, you are going to be my business partner.”

The Apprentice airs on BBC One and iPlayer.

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