Virdee: New BBC drama based on AA Dhand novels

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Staz Nair is to lead the cast of new drama Virdee on BBC One and iPlayer.

The brand new six-part series is based on the bestselling novels by AA Dhand.

The series introduces Detective Harry Virdee – played by Staz Nair (Rebel Moon, Game of Thrones) – a Bradford cop disowned by his Sikh family for marrying Saima, who is Muslim.

Also on the cast is Aysha Kala (Criminal Record, Indian Summers) as Saima Virdee, Harry’s wife.

Set in Bradford and captured on location, the series follows Detective Harry Virdee, estranged from his Sikh family for marrying Saima, a Muslim.

Wrestling with this estrangement, Harry contemplates reconciliation as his son Aaron starts to question their family dynamics. Amidst personal turmoil, Harry is tasked with capturing a serial killer preying on the Asian community.

The stakes escalate when the killer abducts the son of a local police chief, threatening the city. Harry finds himself needing the assistance of his brother-in-law, Riaz, who controls the region’s biggest drug cartel.

Forced into a precarious alliance, Harry faces a critical decision: protect his family or the city. The choice he makes will have irreversible consequences.

AA Dhand said: “Like me, DCI Harry Virdee is a proud Brit who dreams big and whilst he is passionate about his heritage, it is not something which solely defines him. He refuses to be shackled by the past and believes in merging worlds, cultures and identities; no matter the cost. Hey, aim big or go home – this is Yorkshire.”

Paul Trijbits, executive producer, added: “Working with Amit to get the Harry Virdee books to the screen has been a long but utterly satisfying journey. It’s no mean feat for Amit to have succeeded in adapting this love story set in such a rich and complex world and wrapping it all up in a crime series.”

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