Van der Valk 2022 cast and spoilers from series two of ITV drama

Van der Valk season 2 air date, cast, spoilers and number of episodes

Van der Valk is back for series 2 on ITV – when is it on TV and who’s on the cast?

Inspired by the original 1970s detective drama of the same name, the show was first rebooted in 2020. Now a new three-part series is on its way.

Van Der Valk currently airs Sunday nights at 8PM on ITV and will continue weekly. Each of the three episodes airs for two hours.

Van der Valk cast

Marc Warren returns to star as streetwise Dutch detective Van der Valk.

MARC WARREN as Van Det Valk,DARRELL DÕSILVA as Hendrik Davie and LUKE ALLEN-GALE as Brad De Vries.
Pictured:MARC WARREN as Van Det Valk,DARRELL DÕSILVA as Hendrik Davie and LUKE ALLEN-GALE as Brad De Vries.

Van Der Valk also stars Maimie McCoy (The Three Musketeers) as Lucienne Hassell, his gutsy and fiercely competent right-hand woman.

Joining them are Luke Allen-Gale (Dominion) as Brad De Vries, Elliot Barnes-Worrell (Jericho) as Job Cloovers, Darrell D’Silva (Strike Back) as Hendrik Davie and Emma Fielding (Les Misérables) as Julia Dahlman.

Also appearing in season 2 are Peter Van Heeringen as Homeless Frank, Simon Manyonda as Alejandro ‘Vito’ Vinke, Thomas Cammaert as Cornelis Cuyper, Paul Bentall as Chaim Dan, Marielle Cuyper as Hadewych Minis, Hadewych Van Gent as Fleur Mas, Loes Haverkort as Lena Linderman, Leo Staar as Florian Barby, Liz Snoijink as Geraldine Cuyper, Eva Marie De Waal as Fernke De Haan and Thomas Acda as Arjan Koeman.

Van der Valk spoilers

The third and final episode of the new series (21 August) is titled Payback in Amsterdam.

A synopsis reveals: “When a classical musician and former musical child prodigy, Fleur Mas, is the victim of an acid attack and subsequently dies, Van Der Valk and his team must question if the intention of this attack was to maim and disfigure, or to kill? As the attack took place in the crowded concert hall foyer with numerous witnesses, was the attacker trying to send a message?

“The investigation takes an unexpectedly personal turn when Brad and Job interview the victim’s partner, Femke De Haan, the guest conductor, who also happens to be Lucienne’s ex. Rehearsing for their annual performance on the canal the orchestra is raising money for ‘No To Silence’, a charity that supports victims of sexual assault and encourages those affected to come forward.

“From Femke the team learn that Fleur reported she was being stalked shortly before her murder, but they are unable to find any record of Fleur having reported the alleged stalking. They are, however, able to discover that on the day of her attack, she met up with an investigative journalist and hacker.

“The investigation brings Van Der Valk and his team face to face with corruption and coercion at the highest levels of authority to discover an international sex trafficking network that has links all the way to the top. With royalty and politicians allegedly involved, how far do wealth and power protect those committing the most heinous of crimes?”

Van der Valk continues Sunday nights at 8PM on ITV.

You’ll also be able to watch episodes online and catch up via the ITV Hub.

In the US the show airs on MASTERPIECE on PBS.

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