Two new bombshells join the Love Island All Stars villa

Callum on tonight's Love Island

Here’s a look ahead to tonight’s Love Island All Stars as two new arrivals make an entrance.

The Villa’s atmosphere heats up tonight as Tyler and Hannah venture to the terrace, following a flirtatious game of ‘It’s Popping Off’. Tyler, clearly smitten, invites Hannah for a more private conversation.

As they get cosy, their connection deepens. Tyler shares: “I think we get on another level, which you might not have with the other guys.”

Hannah responds warmly, “I really like your chilled aura you bring to the Villa. It’s very nice among all this drama…I’d like to keep getting to know you babe, give me a cuddle.”

Tyler and Hannah kiss

Their exchange leads to a few cheeky kisses, quickly becoming the buzz of the Villa and stirring the pot among the Islanders.

The next day and Sophie and Tom’s arrival at the Villa brings a new twist to the ongoing drama. Arabella’s reaction to Sophie is immediate and loud: “Sophie, oh my God.”

As Tom gathers with the girls by the firepit, they don’t shy away from addressing his past.

Georgia H challenges: “Tom, you’ve got history with a couple of the girls right? Let’s address the elephant in the room.”


Tom, caught off guard, replies: “What’s the elephant?” Georgia H quickly retorts: “I would say Georgia S and Arabella.” T

Later, Tom and Sophie receive texts about their upcoming culinary dates.

Tom selects Arabella, Molly, and Georgia S for each course of the meal, while Sophie chooses Chris, Toby, and Joshua.

The spotlight shines on Tom and Georgia S as they reacquaint during the dessert preparation.


Tom expresses, “Aw, I’ve missed your little voice…it’s really nice to see you.” Georgia S, with a smirk, replies: “It’s really nice to see you too.”

Their flirtatious banter catches Callum’s eye, leaving the Villa to wonder if Tom’s arrival is a recipe for disaster for Callum’s current standing.

Love Island All Stars airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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