The Sixth Commandment cast revealed for new BBC One true crime drama

Meet the The Sixth Commandment 2023 cast
Ben Field (ÉANNA HARDWICKE);Peter Farquhar (TIMOTHY SPALL) sat on bench together chatting under a tree
The Sixth Commandment. (L-R);Ben Field (ÉANNA HARDWICKE);Peter Farquhar (TIMOTHY SPALL). Credit: BBC/Wild Mercury 2023

The Sixth Commandment has arrived on BBC One – here’s a full run down of who’s on the cast.

The new crime drama tells the true story of how teacher Peter Farquhar, his neighbour Ann Moore-Martin and student Ben Field set the stage for one of the most complex and confounding criminal cases in recent memory.

A synopsis shares: “The Sixth Commandment explores the way in which both Peter and Ann were manipulated by Field, capturing the extreme gaslighting, the gripping police investigation and the high-profile trial, while poignantly highlighting the devastating effect of isolation and loneliness, as Field closed in on them.

The Sixth Commandment poster featuring Peter Farquhar (TIMOTHY SPALL), Ben Field (ÉANNA HARDWICKE), Ann Moore Martin (ANNE REID).
The Sixth Commandment poster featuring Peter Farquhar (TIMOTHY SPALL), Ben Field (ÉANNA HARDWICKE), Ann Moore Martin (ANNE REID). Credit: BBC/Wild Mercury 2023/Amanda Searle

“It also celebrates both Peter and Ann’s lives as cherished mentors, much loved relatives and adored friends.”

The Sixth Commandment 2023 cast

Here’s a full rundown of who’s on the cast of The Sixth Commandment…

Timothy Spall plays Peter Farquhar

Anne Reid plays Ann Moore-Martin

Éanna Hardwicke plays Ben Field

Annabel Scholey plays Ann-Marie Blake

Sheila Hancock plays Liz Zettl

Ben Bailey Smith plays Simon Blake

Conor MacNeill plays Martyn Smith

Adrian Rawlins plays Ian Farquhar

Amanda Root plays Sue Farquhar

Anna Crilly plays DS Natalie Golding

Michael Shaeffer plays Tim Moloney

Rick Warden plays Oliver Saxby

Joathan Aris plays DCI Mark Glover

Watch The Sixth Commandment on TV and online

The Sixth Commandment begins on TV on Monday, 17 July at 9PM on BBC One. The four-part series will continue with its second episode the very next day on Tuesday, 18 July.

You’ll also be able to watch online with the full series available to stream on BBC iPlayer once the first episode airs on TV.

A teaser for the first instalment reads: “A meeting between an inspirational teacher and a charismatic student in Buckinghamshire ends up setting the stage for one of the most complex criminal cases in recent memory.”

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