Mark Wright to front new BBC One travel series alongside his brother and dad

mark wright

Mark Wright will join forces with his brother and dad for a new BBC One TV show.

Produced by Twenty Twenty (All That Glitters, A House Through Time), A Wright Old Adventure is a new travel series celebrating all that's great, adventurous and fun about holidaying in Britain.


Across the six-part series the Wrights will be seen coasteering in Newquay, Go-Karting in Llandudno, Kite-surfing in County Down and downhill biking in the Scottish Highlands.

The BBC share: "A Wright Old Adventure will follow the trio as they holiday the only way they know how - as a point-scoring, trash-talking, mick-taking, adrenaline-fueled serial competition! They're not here to relax, they're here to win...

"In each episode, the Wrights will arrive in one of the country's glorious holiday hotspots and do what they always do - go head to head in every activity where they can detect even a scintilla of competition: zip-wiring, dog-sledding, waterfall-jumping, big wave surfing, and everything in between! It's a raucous, rowdy - and frequently hilarious - tour.

"Set against the backdrop of some of the Britain’s most stunning scenery, the series will also see the Wrights use their time together to explore bigger themes around modern family life that affect us all - ageing and illness, marriage and children, life and relationships.

"And like many of us, the last two years have reminded the Wright family just how important it is to spend time with your loved ones. Now, as places open up once again, Mark has convinced his dad and brother to embark on this trip with him."

From coasteering in Newquay to Go-Karting in Llandudno, from Kite-surfing in County Down to downhill biking in the Scottish Highlands, all of Britain becomes an arena for the Wrights - and a heartwarming, hilarious celebration of family, parenting, and holidaying in the Great British Outdoors.

Mark Wright said: "I’m absolutely buzzing for this. At this stage in my life I want to do things that I really want to do and love. I’m getting to travel the country, see places I would never normally have seen, take on adrenaline experiences, challenge myself (what I love to do most) and do all of this with two of my favourite people on earth.

"My two best mates: the bro and my dad. It’s a dream come true and I can’t wait to get started. It’s gonna be one hell of a ride."


James O’Reilly, Creative Director of Twenty Twenty Productions, added: "We're thrilled to be bringing Mark, Josh, and Mark Snr to BBC One and BBC iPlayer - I just want to go on holiday with them!"

A Wright Old Adventure airs on BBC One and iPlayer.

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