Kate Garraway new documentary Caring for Derek airs on ITV tonight

KATE GARRAWAY: CARING FOR DEREK Thursday 24th February 2022 on ITV Copyright ITV
KATE GARRAWAY: CARING FOR DEREK Thursday 24th February 2022 on ITV Copyright ITV

Kate Garraway releases a follow up documentary to Finding Derek on ITV tonight.

The new special comes after the original one-off film about her husband’s battle with Covid won a National Television Award last September.

Airing on ITV in March last year, Kate Garraway: Finding Derek saw cameras join the broadcaster and journalist as she offered an intimate insight into coping with the impact of Covid-19 as her husband Derek Draper remained seriously ill a year on from contracting the virus.

The sequel, Kate Garraway Caring For Derek, will air on ITV and ITV Hub on Tuesday, 22 February at 9PM.

ITV share: “This time we’re with Kate and the family from the first moments Derek arrives home in April, to Christmas 2021 – a period of considerable upheaval and uncertainty.

“We follow Kate as she navigates the challenges of the social care system, negotiates the potential traps and unpicks the complexities that seem to be inherent in the system.

“At a time when the debate about social care is at its loudest, this film goes beyond the rhetoric to explore the reality of living within and relying on the social care system today.”

The documentary will also see Kate meet old friends Bobby and Julie, whose situation mirrors that of her own, while she embarks on a new chapter in her marriage,
trying to find a new way of living and a new way of loving.

ITV add: “Every year, countless Britons undergo the kind of seismic shift in circumstances that Kate and her family are dealing with – a life-changing injury to one person that has repercussions for every member of the family.

“But the often more complicated tales of what happened next and the painstaking road to recovery remain largely untold. Until now.”

You can watch a first look trailer below…

You can watch the original documentary online via ITV Hub here.

Speaking at the National Television Awards this year, Kate said: “Thank you so much for voting. I wonder if the reason you did because our story is your story.

“We’ve all been touched by the pandemic. Whether it’s livelihood, mental health, all the other extraordinary documentaries which have been highlighted and nominated tonight, they have also been affected by the pandemic.”

Kate added: “I want to say to all the other Darceys and Billys and Dereks — whatever you’re going through and however you are affected, you are not forgotten. We want the joy back. We want it to be over. But if you are still living with the scares. The fight goes on. But of course, most of all, Derek. Who should be here.

“Who should have the chance to tell his story, Derek, you are going to get the chance. Believe. The hope is real.”

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