Interior Design Masters 2021 contestants, results and spoilers from BBC Two series

Interior Design Masters series 2 cast, results and contestants

Interior Design Masters 2021 line up

Interior Design Masters is back for 2021 on BBC Two - here's all you need to know about series 2.

Interior Design Masters welcomes ten talented up-and-coming interior designers taking part in the biggest design challenge of their lives.


Series 2 sees Alan Carr hosting with design expert and former editor of Elle Decoration, Michelle Ogundehin, as the series judge.

Each week Michelle set the contestants a different commercial design challenge before judging their designs together with a special guest judge.

Alongside the guest judge, Michelle will eliminate one designer each week until one is left. They are competing to win an extraordinary prize of a commercial contract with one of the UK’s top boutique hotels in the Lake District. It’s a life-changing opportunity for one of these ten designers.

Interior Design Masters contestants and results so far

Here are the ten Interior Design Masters contestants taking part in the show, plus where to find them on Instagram with all their usernames!

Lynsey Ford - 36-year-old architect from West Yorkshire
Instagram username: @lynseyforddesign

Micaela Sharp - 33-year-old upholsterer from South-East London
Instagram username: @micaelasharpdesign

Paul Moneypenny - 32-year-old retail manager from Belfast
Instagram username: @moneypennyinteriors

Siobhan - 42-year-old NHS worker from West Yorkshire
Instagram username: @interiorcurve


ELIMINATED WEEK 5: Charlotte Beevor - 28-year-old textile designer from London
Instagram username: @charlottebeevor

ELIMINATED WEEK 4: Barbara Ramani - 34-year-old former Visual Merchandiser from Brighton
Instagram username: @barbara_ramani_interiors

ELIMINATED WEEK 3: Peter Grech - 33-year-old former doctor from Cheshire
Instagram username: @thespacemaker_interiors

ELIMINATED WEEK 3: Jonathan Burns - 45-year-old retail executive from Worthing
Instagram username: @jonathanscottinteriors

ELIMINATED WEEK 2: Amy Wilson - 43-year-old mother of three from Leeds
Instagram username: @amywilsoninteriors

ELIMINATED WEEK 1: Mona W - 38-year-old film set designer from Brixton
Instagram username: @monmondesign

Interior Design Masters air date

Interior Design Masters airs on Tuesdays nights at 8PM on BBC Two from 2 February.

The series will air weekly across 8 episodes.

You can watch on TV and watch episodes online via the BBC iPlayer.

Interior Design Masters spoilers

In episode six (9 March) four designers remain as they fight it out for a place in the semi-finals.


Put into teams of two, they are challenged to redesign two working hair salons - and for the first time in the competition, the designers will see their spaces before creating their visions.

You can catch up on the series on BBC iPlayer.

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