Bad Move cast and spoilers from series 2 of Jack Dee's ITV comedy

Bad Move: Series 2 cast and air date

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Jack Dee comedy Bad Move is back on ITV this evening with its second series.

ITV have confirmed a brand new six episode run for 2018, alongside an additional Christmas special to air over the festive period.

The new series of Bad Move continues tonight, October 10 at 8PM.

Bad Move cast

An Open Mike Production written by Jack Dee and Pete Sinclair, 'Bad Move' stars Jack Dee as Steve and Kerry Godliman as his wife Nicky who play a couple both on their second marriages who have decided that moving to the Yorkshire countryside from Leeds is the answer to all their dreams.

Joining Jack and Kerry and returning for series two will be neighbours Matt (Miles Jupp) and Meena (Manjinder Virk), local rock star Grizzo (Seann Walsh), father in-law Ken (Philip Jackson), the local shopkeeper Shannon (Sue Vincent), Bronson (George Somner) and Alice (Thelma Ruby).

Bad Move spoilers

In series 2 of Bad Move, the rose-tinted fantasy of an idyllic country lifestyle proves to be further away than ever from Nicky and Steve. Their crumbling wreck of a house continues to throw problems at them - they have to deal with everything from an infestation of moths to a septic tank that's 'backing up' as Ken charmingly puts it.

Nicky and Steve's efforts to get on with the villagers fare no better. A charity dine-off with Matt and Meena ends in disaster, and when Ken is made President of the Garthdale Bowls Club, Steve's attempts to ingratiate himself backfire spectacularly.

Even when they find themselves on the same side as the rest of the village for an anti-fracking campaign, an unexpected development presents Nicky and Steve with a major dilemma. And Steve is further put to the test when he is chosen to play a key role in The Lantern Man Festival – an annual village tradition, the sinister origins of which are lost in the mists of time.

In tonight's third episode, Steve has finally got his driving licence back and promises Nicky that his speeding days are over. In spite of her doubts, it seems that he has indeed turned over a new leaf.

Even when he's conned into a trip to the superstore with Alice, the devious old lady from the village, Steve manages to make the long journey across the moors without breaking the speed limit. So when Nicky's father Ken is made President of the Garthdale Bowls Club, Steve's offer of giving him a lift to the inauguration ceremony goes down well.

Ken is even more impressed when Steve persuades Grizzo to lend him his brand new, high-powered sports car for the occasion.

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