Keith & Paddy Picture Show does Jurassic Park all star cast of celebrities revealed

Keith & Paddy Picture Show Jurassic Park cast, cameos and celebrities

The Keith and Paddy Picture Show: SR2: Jurassic Park

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The Keith and Paddy Picture Show is back with Keith and Paddy's version of Jurassic Park tonight on ITV - but who's on the cast?

The Keith and Paddy Picture Show is an affectionate and humorous tribute to some of Keith and Paddy’s favourite movies of all time. Each week they will attempt to recreate an iconic film, with the help of an all-star celebrity cast.

Each half hour episode will be a mix of high-end film parodies and behind-the-scenes mock-doc footage following the boys as they endeavour to bring their recreations to life. What could possibly go wrong…?

After a week off, the show is back tonight on ITV at 9:20PM.

In tonight's final episode of the second series showcases their version of Jurassic Park, where they are once again joined by an all star cast line up of celebrities.

Dr Alan Grant [Paddy McGuinness], Hammond [Keith Lemon] and Dr Ellie Sattler [Sally Phillips].
Dr Alan Grant [Paddy McGuinness], Hammond [Keith Lemon] and Dr Ellie Sattler [Sally Phillips].
Hammond [Keith Lemon].
Hammond [Keith Lemon].

Keith and Paddy are undaunted by taking on Steven Spielberg’s most successful movie, in fact Keith actually thinks he can improve on it. Yes Spielberg’s dinosaurs were terrifying, but wouldn’t they be even more terrifying if they had machine guns?

Keith and Paddy also dispense with the need for child actors by offering the part of eleven-year-old Lex to the smallest actress they know - Car Share’s Sian Gibson - and the part of eight-year-old Tim to… well let’s just say this eight-year-old has a ginger beard.

Sally Phillips takes on the Laura Dern role and, much to Paddy’s chagrin, she takes a real shine to Keith. Oh and who plays the Jeff Goldblum role of Ian Malcolm the rock-star scientist? Well Keith and Paddy don’t know any scientists but they do know a rock star. Shaun Ryder it is then.

Keith said of filming their version of the movie: "I’m covered in bruises because Paddy threw me around. I slapped on the floor like a bag of lamb. We were being chased by a T-Rex.

"I’m always suffering on this show, either being thrown around or hurt by what I have to wear."

Paddy revealed: "Keith really looks like the actual Richard Attenborough. It’s insane. He’s a real doppelganger!"

Keith added: "I saw some old black and white pictures from behind the scenes and I really do look like Richard, it’s weird."

Lex [Sian Gibson] and Tim [Keith Lemon].
Lex [Sian Gibson] and Tim [Keith Lemon].
Ian Malcolm [Shaun Ryder] and Dr Alan Grant [Paddy McGuinness]
Ian Malcolm [Shaun Ryder] and Dr Alan Grant [Paddy McGuinness]

Meanwhile, guest star Sian said: “I laughed a lot every day on set, Keith and Paddy are very funny and I loved working with them.

"Although the highlight for me, actually a career highlight, is being chased down a hill by a herd of Bernie Cliftasauruses - that's never gonna happen again.”

The Keith and Paddy Picture Show airs on ITV.

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