Travel Man 2018 celebrities and locations in the new series revealed

Travel Man 2018 cast line up and locations


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Travel Man 2018 is here but where is Richard Ayoade going this year and who's he taking with him?

Richard Ayoade loves the idea of travel and seeing the world but he hates going on holiday.

For Richard, the average trip is long, boring and stressful. Surely there must be a way to make it more fun, more efficient, and less tedious?

In Travel Man, Richard reveals where we’re going wrong by having the most efficient holiday possible, with all the boring bits taken out.

Each week, Richard will be jetting off to exciting locations. While he’s there, he’ll be challenging himself to see and do as much as possible.

Richard won’t be travelling alone. Each week, a different celebrity travel companion, will be jetting off with the intrepid Travel Man.

The celebs won’t have much time to kick back and relax however, as Richard will be treating each trip with ruthless efficiency. No dilly-dallying allowed, Richard’s aim is to get maximum holiday value in minimum time. Using ingenious gadgets and apps to help him see and do as much as possible, each trip will be a fast-paced, energy-fuelled adventure.

Travel Man 2018 locations and celebrities

Here's who's on the cast of Travel Man for 2018 and where they'll be heading...

Episode 1
In the first episode, Richard is joined by comedian Lee Mack for a funny, yet surprisingly informative, 48 hours in Brussels - featuring culture, comics, pralines, puppets and attractions both large and small, including the Grand Place and the famous atom-shaped Atomium. There's also waffles, mussels - including Moules Genghis Khan - and the secrets of chocolate making.

Episode 2
Richard is joined by actor Fay Ripley for a wintry mini-break in Oslo. Together they pack two days with sledging, screaming, skiing, sculpture and scoff. And despite being a proud half Norwegian, Richard manages to muster a scintilla of objectivity

Episode 3
Richard Ayoade is joined by comic actor and writer Robert Webb - the destination Madeira. Together they seek to discover more than the Portuguese island's eponymous wine and cake, although both are sampled along the way.

Episode 4
Richard Ayoade is joined by comedian Shazia Mirza for a fancy two day detour on the Côte d'Azur, in the south of France. In Nice they hire a three-wheeled 'Nice Car' for a scenic tour of the city.

Travel Man airs at 8:30PM on Monday nights on Channel 4

You can catch up on past episodes and series online here.

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