Too Hot to Handle season 6 release date and cast

Too Hot to Handle season 6 cast group photo

Get ready for a sizzling summer! Too Hot to Handle is back with a brand-new season, starting on 19 July.

The steamy reality show, known for turning flirty singles into deeper connection seekers, has some exciting updates. For the first time, this year’s contestants think they know what they’re in for. But retreat overseer Lana has some surprises in store, including a new prize, fresh twists, and some familiar faces.

Plus, this season introduces Bad Lana, a mischievous sidekick sure to stir up trouble.

New episodes will be released in batches: the first on 19 July, the second on 26 July, and the final batch on 2 August.

Meet the Contestants

Here’s a sneak peek at the hot new singles looking to win big and maybe find love:


Age: 26

From: Atlanta

Job: Model

Instagram username: @thebriannabalram

Bri, an American beauty, is used to being in the spotlight. She’s visiting Lana’s retreat to see if she can take dating seriously. But will she be able to focus on herself and let someone capture her heart?


Age: 21

From: Kent

Job: Model

Instagram username: @charliejeer

Charlie is a saxophonist with brains and brawn. A former Head Boy, he might just be Lana’s star pupil. But will he follow her rules or become the retreat’s new class clown?


Age: 24

From: Manchester

Job: Model

Instagram username: @chrisaalli

Chris loves money and love, and he’s ready to see which matters more. This world-travelled model has never stayed in one place long enough to make a meaningful connection. Can Lana help him find his queen?


Age: 27

From: Indiana

Job: Stockbroker

Instagram username: @demaridavis4

Demari is a high achiever, working as a stockbroker by day and a model by night. Surrounded by hotties, he’s here to find out what matters most: breaking rules, counting retreat funds, or becoming the best version of himself.


Age: 21

From: Arkansas

Job: College Student

Instagram username: @giannapettus

Gianna spent her childhood on a farm but now she’s a dancer ready to twirl into the retreat. Known for her impulsiveness, will she handle being forced to confront her feelings head-on?


Age: 28

From: London

Job: VIP Hostess

Instagram username: @lucy_syed

Lucy is a nightclub hostess with beauty, charm, and a wild streak. No amount of money will stop her from breaking rules and having fun. Lana, watch out!


Age: 22

From: Brazil

Job: Artist

Instagram username: @joaocoronel_

Joao, a rockstar with a pink guitar, is used to living fast. He’s in tune with his emotions but needs to start taking notes if he’s serious about changing his ways. Will Lana help him turn over a new leaf?


Age: 21

From: California

Job: Actor / Model

Instagram username: @jordanroyfrank

Jordan, a surfer with a dazzling smile, hasn’t slowed down since his glow-up. Will he show Lana that blondes have more fun or will he stop falling for the wrong reasons?


Age: 28

From: Los Angeles

Job: Model

Instagram username: @katherine_laprell

Katherine is used to being the loudest in the room. Will Lana help her shed her tough exterior or will she be running back to Hollywood?


Age: 24

From: Toronto

Job: Entrepreneur

Instagram username: @kylishajag

Kylisha loves to travel and has never settled down. Will the retreat work its magic and break her spell of catching flights instead of feelings?

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