Too Good To Be True cast, episodes and TV schedule

Rachel (Kara Tointon) & Allen Leech (Elliot Fielding) in Too Good To Be True
Rachel (Kara Tointon) & Allen Leech (Elliot Fielding)

New drama Too Good To Be True, airing on Channel 5 from 14 February, follows single mother Rachel and her son Liam as they navigate a seemingly lucrative but suspicious job opportunity from a wealthy client.

Too Good To Be True (previously titled The Hunted) follows the story of a young, single mother Rachel and her young son Liam.

Too Good To Be True TV schedule

The series starts on Channel 5 on Wednesday, 14 February at 9PM and continues on Thursday, 15 February at 9PM.

The show has four episodes which will continue on TV twice weekly.

Alternatively, the whole series will be available to watch on My5 after the first episode airs on TV.

Kara Tointon as RACHEL in Too Good To Be True
Kara Tointon as RACHEL

Too Good To Be True plot

Rachel is a single mother to her young son, Liam. Living on the brink of poverty, Rachel tirelessly works as a cleaner to support her son.

Their lives take an unexpected turn when Rachel’s employer is contacted by Simone, a businesswoman acting on behalf of a wealthy client named Elliot. Simone presents Rachel with an opportunity for a job that promises better pay and shorter hours, an offer that appears too good to be true.

Elliot extends a warm welcome to Rachel and Liam, showering them with gifts and sharing his passion for vintage cars with Liam.

Kara Tointon as RACHEL in Too Good To Be True
Kara Tointon as RACHEL

However, as Rachel and Liam become more intertwined with Elliot’s lavish lifestyle, the true nature of Elliot’s intentions begins to surface. Is it Rachel or Liam that Elliot is truly interested in?

Who’s on the cast?

Here’s a full list of the cast of Too Good To Be True on Channel 5:

  • Kara Tointon plays Rachel
  • Allen Leech plays Elliot
  • Charlie Hodson-Prior plays Liam
  • Sara Powell plays Simone
  • Taj Atwal plays Jasmine
  • John Thomson plays Geoff
  • Oliver Devoti plays Keiron
  • Ciara McKeown plays Michelle
  • Esther Ayo James plays Teacher
  • Seamus Moran plays Martin
  • Denise McCormack plays Shopkeeper
  • Grace Evans plays Police Officer
  • Colleen Keogh plays Receptionist


Episode 1

Channel 5 airs this gripping drama twice weekly, with the entire series streaming on My5 post the first episode. Starring Kara Tointon and Allen Leech, the story follows single mum Rachel, struggling to make ends meet, who finds her life taking a surprising turn thanks to a mysterious job offer from wealthy Elliot.

Rachel, a hardworking cleaner and mother to Liam, is barely scraping by. Her life changes when Simone, representing the affluent Elliot, offers her a job with better pay and hours. Elliot showers Rachel and Liam with gifts, but his true intentions remain unclear.


Episode 2

Rachel and Elliot grow closer, attending a gala as more than just friends. Elliot reveals a dark family past to Rachel. After a break-in, presumed to be Rachel’s violent ex’s doing, Elliot insists Rachel and Liam stay with him, leading to a deeper connection.


Episode 3

A weekend getaway to Elliot’s cabin turns eerie when Rachel feels watched and a mysterious woman confronts Liam. The woman, Elliot’s ex-wife, breaks into their home, warning Rachel of Elliot’s danger, urging her to flee with Liam.


Episode 4

Simone doubts Elliot and investigates, sharing alarming findings with Rachel. Seeking the truth, Rachel consults a child therapist who reveals a chilling detail about Elliot’s past. As Rachel’s suspicions grow, Elliot takes drastic steps, using Liam to confront her at his cabin, desperate to keep his secrets buried.

Too Good To Be True airs on Channel 5 from Wednesday, 14 February at 9PM.

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