Tony Bellew and Sam Thompson to star in their own TV show

Tony and Sam

Former boxer Tony Bellew has revealed plans to collaborate on a television show with fellow I’m A Celebrity star Sam Thompson.


Initially unaware of the Made in Chelsea star’s identity, Tony now describes their bond as a lifelong friendship, sparked during their time on the show where Thompson was crowned King of the Jungle.

The duo, despite their unlikely pairing, are exploring ideas for their joint venture, which promises to blend humour with Tony’s stabilising influence.

Tony Bellew on I'm A Celebrity

“We speak regularly and are trying to sort out a game of golf and see what we can bring up and what we can do,” Tony shared (via Daily Star).

He added: “Things are in the pipeline for us to do something together whether that’s a show, but things are being talked about in the background and I’m sure we will announce something soon enough.”

The proposed project aims to capture the pair’s dynamic, featuring Sam’s humorous antics against Tony’s more composed demeanour.


Tony continued: “Most likely to be TV to see us having a laugh, mucking about and Sam being a prat at usual while I’m being the voice of calm and the sensible one out of the two.”

He added of Sam: “He’s a lovely boy and I couldn’t have spent time with a better person. I never had a clue who he was before we went in, but I got to know him well when we were in there and he has a friend for life in me.”

Meanwhile, Tony also spoke about his time in the jungle with Nigel Farage.

He said of the politician: “I didn’t really know him before I went into the Jungle, but I was basically being informed to be careful about how he connects to you, but I kept myself to myself and got on well with everyone in the Jungle.

“I know he has a lot of fans out there, but I also know he has a lot of people who hate him out there too.”


Tony revealed: “I wanted to ask him more about Brexit, why it happened, what he believes, the gap between the north and south divide that this government has formed.

“Those were the type of conversations I had with Nigel Farage. There is a lot of bright people in the north who want to make a difference in this country, but the government don’t want to know.”