Tonight’s Love Island spoilers! New bombshell Lolly shakes up the villa

New Bombshell Lolly
New Bombshell Lolly

On tonight’s Love Island, Ayo’s head is scrambled over Mimii as new bombshell Lolly enters the Villa.

In the Love Island Villa, a new day begins with Ayo making breakfast for Jess S in the kitchen. However, his focus shifts when Mimii joins him for a chat about the previous night’s dramatic dumping.

Mimii, reflecting on the tense moment, admits, “When you guys were stood up there, I had a little tear, I was praying in my head you know, that they wouldn’t say your name.”

Ayo, curious and perhaps a bit sceptical, asks, “It would’ve been easier for you if I went though, no?”

Joey and Jessy
Joey and Jessy

Mimii reassures him, “No, I would’ve been upset…” This interaction leaves Ayo pondering the complexities of his relationships in the villa, leading him to exclaim, “What kind of place is this?” Mimii humorously responds, “Living with your ex and your new girlfriend.”

The situation gets even more tangled when Ciaran, having observed the flirtation, approaches Ayo in the kitchen. “Don’t make me fish it out of you mate… I think you should go for it,” Ciaran encourages.

Meanwhile, Josh plans a special breakfast for Mimii to cheer her up after recent challenges. With the help of Reuben and Matilda, he prepares a surprise on the terrace, presenting Mimii with waffles and fresh fruit. Mimii is delighted and thanks Josh, but it’s unclear if her feelings for Ayo are entirely over.

The villa is soon buzzing with excitement as the Islanders receive a text announcing an exclusive party. The message reads: “Islanders, It’s time to get ready for tonight as the Villa will be hosting an exclusive party. #WKD0%”

As they prepare for the night’s festivities, they remain unaware of the bombshell surprise awaiting them: a new arrival named Lolly, who is ready to shake things up.

Later in the evening, Joey receives a text revealing that Lolly is at the Hideaway Retreat, waiting to date three boys, and he has been chosen first. The message instructs him, “Boys, Lolly is at the Hideaway Retreat waiting to date three boys, Joey she has chosen you first, please make your way there now #VipGuestListOnly.”

Joey goes to Lolly
Joey goes to Lolly

During their date, Lolly is straightforward, expressing her thoughts on Joey’s current relationship with Jessy. She says, “I think your personality and my personality would go together to a tee, but I have got something to say… you’ve kinda gone back in your shell a little bit from the beginning, please correct me if I’m wrong.

“I feel like you’re jokey, laughy and fun but since you’ve been with Jessy, she’s a gorgeous, gorgeous girl, she’s naturally beautiful but I don’t know if there’s something missing between you both…”

Back at the villa, Jessy discusses the situation with the other girls, commenting: “Karma’s a b**** and she’s called Lolly… if she can take him, then she can have him.”

As Lolly reveals her interest in Joey and questions his relationship with Jessy, the night is set for more drama, especially with Lolly’s other dates lined up.

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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