Tonight’s Love Island spoilers – new bombshell and shock text


Here’s a spoiler filled update from tonight’s episode of Love Island All Stars.

In this evening’s instalment, excitement electrifies the Villa as a surprise announcement sends ripples of anticipation among the Islanders.

Hannah Elizabeth receives a text, her excitement palpable as she shares, “I’ve got a text…I’m shaking, I’ve got a text!”

The text reveals a special date for Islanders Georgia S, Hannah, and Georgia H. The message reads: “Islanders, Georgia S, Hannah, Georgia H, you have all been picked to go on a date, please get ready to leave the Villa. #NewBoyEnergy #GoGetItGirl.”

Hannah gets a text

Unbeknownst to the thrilled trio, Joshua Ritchie, a familiar face from series 1, is waiting at a romantic waterside location, complete with a bottle of fizz, ready to surprise them.

Elsewhere tonight,, Luis finds himself at the center of a love triangle. After a conversation with Kaz, who suggests a visit to the terrace, Luis surprisingly invites Demi for some private time, shifting the evening’s dynamics.

Demi, curious about Luis’ earlier chat, asks, “How was your chat with Kaz?” Luis responds, “It was nice, she’s a nice girl.” Their conversation deepens as Luis and Demi cosy up, discussing their burgeoning connection.

Will Kaz stumble upon them on the terrace, and what implications will this have for her and Luis?

Luis & Demi
Luis & Demi

Meanwhile, the evening brings yet another dramatic twist with the arrival of a startling text.

It instructs, “Can all Islanders gather around the firepit immediately.”

This sudden command sees the Islanders gathering around the firepit, filled with suspense and curiosity about what the night has in store.

Love Island All Stars continues tonight at 9PM on ITV1 and ITVX.

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