Tonight’s Love Island spoilers as Harriett makes a move on Joey

Harriet & Samantha
Harriet & Samantha

Tensions rise on Love Island tonight as Harriett pulls Joey fresh from his recoupling with Samantha.

Following Joey’s decision to couple up with Samantha, Harriett and Ciaran have a chat with Harriett revealing her top two are Ciaran and Joey.

Harriett then says: “I’m glad he didn’t pick me though because I didn’t want you to go.”

Later that evening Ciaran asks Nicole for a chat with the pair heading to the Hideaway. But Harriett is watching on and appears less than impressed and says, “Why am I jealous?”

At the Hideaway terrace, Nicole says to Ciaran: “Do you feel like you’re open to getting to know me?”

Ciaran replies: “Definitely.”


Meanwhile, Harriett is annoyed by Ciaran’s decision to head to the Hideaway and confides in Samantha. Harriett says: “I’m just pissed off.”

The next day, Harriett pulls Samantha for a chat and says, “I just wanted to pull you before. I’m going to pull him [Joey] but I don’t want you to think anything. I’m going to go to the Hideaway because I think Ciaran needs a taste of his own medicine.”

Samantha tells her: “Don’t be petty.”

But Harriett goes on to invite Joey into the Hideaway.

Samantha is left frustrated by Harriett’s move. Will she tell her how she feels? And is Joey interested in getting to know Harriett or does he have his sights set on Samantha?

Harriet & Samantha
Harriet & Samantha

Meanwhile in tonight’s Love Island, Ayo and Mimii grow closer as they head to the terrace for a chat.

Ayo begins: “I think after today everything has been put in perspective for a few people, especially for me anyway, you know what the score is.

“I wanted to come up here just to say I’m more than attracted to you. I very much see you. You look so pretty.”

Ayo then adds “Can I show you something quickly?” before the pair share a kiss.

Love Island continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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