Tonight Big Brother spoilers – hot tub snogs and lots of balls

Here’s a spoiler-filled look ahead to tonight’s Big Brother highlights.

This evening’s episode begins with the wake of Friday’s shock double exit which saw both Trish and Chanelle leave.

The departure leaves all the housemates stunned with Noky remarking: “Tonight it was just a shock for everyone”.

Olivia agreed “It was felt by all friend groups.”

Big Brother housemates gather for the eviction results

Later and while most housemates were deep in slumber, a wakeful Jordan and Henry stirred in the bedroom. Jordan, with a hint of mischief, whispered, “I’ll tell you a secret” Suddenly, he leaned over to give Henry a quick kiss before slipping back into his bed.

“Can’t you come over here?” Jordan beckoned. Henry, intrigued, moved to Jordan’s bed, asking, “What are you trying to say?” and they shared another kiss.

Their tender moment didn’t go unnoticed. Jenkin, overhearing them, exclaimed in surprise, “I see them kissing!” Tom, observing from his bed, confirmed, “They were, I saw.”

Meanwhile, the housemates faced a daunting cleaning task. Whenever a mess appeared, they had to quickly clean it up to restore order. Success would bring them a reward of luxurious pampering and relaxation, with all waste needing disposal through the garden’s rubbish shoot.

As the buzzer signalled the task’s start, Matty and Noky scrambled to a box of balls upstairs, accidentally unleashing a deluge of balls down the stairs. “Matty get up, we’ve got cleaning to do!” Olivia shouted. Noky grumbled, “These balls are a sick joke” while Jenkin wondered aloud if they should just surrender.

Olivia, determined, said, “NO!” and reflected on her newfound respect for her parents after hosting parties. Matty playfully suggested, “Should we just give up and then play in the ball pit” But Olivia firmly declined.

Big Brother balls

Amidst the chaos, Olivia and Noky worked diligently to move the balls to the rubbish shoot, with Olivia criticizing the men’s lack of help, “These men, they’re f***ing pathetic!”.

In the living room, Jenkin confessed to Tom and Matty, “Are we all under agreement that Olivia is the one scaring me the most, I’m s&&tting myself.”

As some housemates took the cleaning challenge seriously, hoping for a night of relaxation, others were less enthusiastic. Will they manage to complete Big Brother’s demanding task?

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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