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Channel 4’s To Catch A Copper explores the how the crisis of trust in the police force has deepened in recent years.

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During this pivotal period, Avon and Somerset Police granted unparalleled access to their Professional Standards department – the internal body responsible for overseeing police conduct.

This comprehensive examination spans four years, offering diverse perspectives from investigators, accused officers, victims, legal experts, and community figures, piecing together a comprehensive view of the mechanisms in place for holding officers accountable.

Episode 1

The opening episode sheds light on allegations against police officers accused of gross mistreatment or sexual exploitation of individuals during vulnerable moments.

In one incident, officers responding to a distress call from a woman on a bridge, expressing suicidal intentions, proceed to arrest her, handle her forcefully, and use pepper spray directly on her face before detaining her.

Another case reveals officers mocking a woman undergoing a mental health crisis, with their conduct recorded on body-worn cameras, highlighting the issue of compassion fatigue in contemporary policing.

Additionally, a police officer faces accusations of engaging in sexual activity with an intoxicated civilian in a police vehicle while on duty.

Although initial assessments by investigators point to clear evidence of misconduct, the journey towards securing criminal charges, convictions, and civil penalties proves complex and challenging.

Episode 2

This particular episode delves into allegations of institutional racism and unconscious bias within the force.

Highlighted cases include an incident where an altercation between a bus driver and a young Black woman quickly escalates, leading to her being restrained and pepper-sprayed near her baby.

The event that gains traction on social media, sparking public outcry.

Another case features the stop and search of a young Black man, where officers employ pepper spray and physical restraint without finding any illegal items, prompting him to file a complaint.

A third situation investigates a mother’s quest for answers regarding the care her son received from the police after being detained with a severe brain injury.

Episode 3

This episode delves into claims of sexual misconduct within the police force, including instances involving officers and their colleagues.

Addressing sexual misconduct stands as a top priority for the police’s professional standards departments, especially following the high-profile convictions of Metropolitan Police officers Wayne Couzens and David Carrick.

One case features a woman alleging a police constable committed revenge porn offences against her. As investigators dig deeper, they uncover additional victims and a longstanding pattern of criminal behaviour.

Another case involves a new police community support officer who alleges sexual assault by a fellow recruit during a residential training program.

She expresses to the investigator that she cannot continue her career in the police if the accused remains employed.

To Catch A Copper airs Monday nights at 9PM on Channel 4.

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