The Tower II: Death Message start date and trailer for new ITV crime drama


ITV has released a first-look trailer for The Tower II: Death Message.

The highly anticipated crime drama is set to air on ITV1 and ITVX from 28 August 2023, a follow up to 2021’s original series.

The second series stars Gemma Whelan (Game of Thrones) and Jimmy Akingbola (Kate & Koji) in the lead roles, reprising their acclaimed performances from the first season.

Based on Kate London’s thrilling second novel, the series is adapted by screenwriter Patrick Harbinson, known for his work on hit shows like Homeland, Fearless, 24, and ER. Produced by his company Windhover Films and Mammoth Screen, the series promises to deliver a gripping and intense storyline.

Alongside Gemma Whelan as DS Sarah Collins and Jimmy Akingbola as DC Steve Bradshaw, the cast includes BAFTA-nominated Tahirah Sharif as PC Lizzie Adama and Emmett J Scanlan as DI Kieran Shaw.

Watch a first trailer below…

The series kicks off with Lizzie’s return to Farlow station, where she is partnered with Arif Johar, portrayed by Michael Karim. Their first case involves a domestic violence complaint against Mark Brannon, played by Charley Palmer Rothwell, who is accused of assaulting his girlfriend Georgina Teel, portrayed by Rosa Coduri, and terrorizing their young daughter Skye.

As Lizzie convinces Georgina to share the truth about Brannon’s actions, she and Arif manage to arrest him. However, as the case heads to court, Georgina’s testimony and the cross-examination take an unexpected turn, leading to tragedy and leaving the case hanging in the balance.

The Tower II: Death Message promises to be a gripping and emotionally charged crime drama that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Don’t miss the highly anticipated return of DS Sarah Collins and DC Steve Bradshaw as they navigate through the complexities of their latest case.

The Tower II: Death Message will be coming to ITV1 and ITVX in August

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