The Repair Shop 2020 Christmas special date confirmed for BBC One

The Repair Shop Christmas date

The Repair Shop will air a one-off Christmas special on BBC One later this year.

The Repair Shop is a workshop of dreams, presented by Jay Blades and staffed by a team of Britain’s most skilled restoration experts.

In every episode, members of the public bring their much loved but broken family treasures for the team to breathe new life into them, while also revealing the personal stories behind the items.

The Christmas special – airing Boxing Day at 6:45PM on BBC One – will feature the team repairing and rescuing four beloved festive treasures.

This year, Vicar Steve and his wife Amanda bring their cherished rocking horse to the barn. The toy was a Christmas gift for their daughter Tamsin when she was five years old. Tragically, just two years later, their little girl passed away.

The horse is now being given a new lease of life to be gifted to their nine-year-old daughter, Hetty, to play on and remember the older sister she never met.

Also arriving at The Repair Shop is a treasured but tired stereogram, once the centrepiece of a family’s festive celebrations. Now broken and battered, it has sadly stood silent for years.

The team pulls together to bring the memories back for two sisters who delight in hearing ‘the gram’ playing their parents’ favourite Christmas record for the first time in decades.

Eighty-year-old Christopher brings his treasured toy truck into the barn. Made by a team of WW2 engineers, led by his own father, Christopher was gifted this unique vehicle for Christmas in 1945.

Now, seventy-five years later, he wants his young grandson to experience the same joy he felt all those years ago.

Also brought into the barn is a vintage musical Christmas ornament from the United States. Now faded and falling apart, the carousel originally belonged to wealthy New York golden couple Bill and Babe.

It was gifted to their PA, Robert, who brought it back to his native Scotland in the 1970s, where it’s taken pride of place at his family’s festive celebrations for three generations.

The Repair Shop Christmas special airs Boxing Day – Saturday, 26 December at 6:45PM.

For now the main series continues Wednesdays on BBC One. You can watch recent episodes online via BBC iPlayer.

Picture: BBC