The Real Story behind Mr Bates vs the Post Office

Alan Bates
Alan Bates

The Real Story behind new drama Mr Bates vs the Post Office is set to be revealed in a one-off documentary.

Mr Bates vs the Post Office airs this week on ITV1, dramatising the true story of the British Post Office scandal.

The four-part series will be accompanied by one-off factual show Mr Bates vs the Post Office: The Real Story, airing on Thursday, 4 January at 10:45PM on ITV1.

In the early 2000s, the Post Office introduced Horizon, a new IT system aimed at simplifying operations for Subpostmasters. However, Horizon was flawed, leading to apparent losses in the users’ accounts. When Subpostmasters reported these issues, they were often misled by the helpline, being told they were the only ones facing such problems – a false assertion.

Over time, these errors led to accusations of theft against the Subpostmasters, resulting in some being wrongly imprisoned. After persistent campaigning, justice is finally being served, with wrongful convictions being overturned, although compensation remains pending.

Mr Bates vs the Post Office: The Real Story delves into this scandal through detailed interviews with those involved, dramatic reconstructions, archival footage, and visits to the actual locations affected, highlighting the profound impact on the Subpostmasters.

The film has exclusive access to Alan Bates, the man who has campaigned tirelessly for nearly twenty years to expose a scandal that is now described as the most widespread miscarriage of justice in British legal history.

Meanwhile, the drama continues nightly all this week on TV and is currently available on ITVX.

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