Mr Bates vs the Post Office cast revealed for new ITV drama

Mr Bates vs the Post Office cast group photo

Here’s a full list of who’s on the cast of Mr Bates vs the Post Office, the brand new ITV drama.

The story unfolds around a major injustice in the annals of British legal history, where numerous subpostmasters and postmistresses were falsely accused of theft, fraud and false accounting.

This miscarriage of justice was the result of a flawed IT system. Tragically, many innocent workers faced prosecution; some were even incarcerated for crimes they did not commit, leading to profound and lasting damage to their lives due to this scandal.

Mr Bates vs the Post Office cast

Here’s a full rundown of who’s on the cast of Mr Bates vs the Post Office on ITV:

  • Toby Jones plays Alan Bates
  • Julie Hesmondhalgh plays Suzanne Sercombe
  • Monica Dolan plays Jo Hamilton
  • Lia Williams plays Paula Vennells
  • Alex Jennings plays James Arbuthnot
  • Will Mellor plays Lee Castleton
  • Shaun Dooley plays Michael Rudkin
  • Ian Hart plays Bob Rutherford
  • Amit Shah plays Jasgun Singh
  • Krupa Pattani plays Saman Kaur
  • Katherine Kelly plays Angela Van Den Bogerd
  • Isobel Middleton plays Kay Linnell
  • Clare Calbraith plays Gina Griffiths
  • Colin Tierney plays Martin Griffiths
  • Pip Torrens plays Mr Justice Fraser
  • Amy Nuttall plays Lisa Castleton
  • Ifan Huw Dafydd plays Noel Thomas
  • Lesley Nicol plays Pam Stubbs
  • John Hollingworth plays James Hartley
  • Adam James plays Patrick Green QC

TOBY JONES as Alan Bates and JULIE HESMONDHALGH as Suzanne.

Watch Mr Bates vs the Post Office on TV and online

Mr Bates vs the Post Office will air on ITV1 nightly at 9PM from Monday, 1 January – Thursday, 4 January at 9PM. You’ll also be able to watch online via ITVX.

A synopsis of the first episode shares: “After a new computer system called Horizon is rolled out across the country, mysterious financial losses start to appear in village Post Office tills.

“But when subpostmasters Alan Bates, Jo Hamilton, Noel Thomas and Lee Castleton seek help, the Post Office insists that each of them is the only one having problems. Alan refuses to believe it. And when the Post Office goes on to accuse, harass and even prosecute subpostmasters for the shortfalls, Alan leads the fight back.

“Their lives, livelihoods and good names destroyed, his little band decide to try to clear their names.”

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