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Series 1 of BBC documentary The Planets is now available to purchase on DVD, Blu-Ray and streaming.

The Planets aired on BBC Two and concluded its five-part series on TV tonight.

In the major new landmark series for BBC Two co-produced by the Open University, Professor Brian Cox told the extraordinary life story of our solar system.

Using the data from the very latest space explorations, groundbreaking CGI will reveal the unimaginable beauty and grandeur of each planet. The Planets shares the spectacle and drama of 4.5 billion years of planetary history in stunning new detail.

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Alongside the TV show, there’s also an accompanying book by Professor Brian Cox and Andrew Cohen.

The series starts by tracing the development of the four rocky worlds closest to the Sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. Born together, they battled the unbelievable violence of the early solar system to become stable planets. For a while each had a moment of hope when they enjoyed almost Earth-like conditions.

Yet today Mercury is a scorched barren world, Venus is a runaway greenhouse world with a scorching atmosphere and Mars is a frozen desert. Only on Earth do oceans – and life – survive.

Throughout the episodes, Brian journeys to the remotest part of the solar system, a place that the most mysterious planets call home. These worlds remain shadowy for a simple reason: beyond Saturn we have only ever visited the most distant planets once.

Alongside the full five episodes, the DVD and Blu-Ray releases include bonus feature minisodes.

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