The most complained about TV shows of 2023


As we reflect on the year in television, 2023 has been a roller-coaster of high emotions and heated debates. From incendiary comments on live broadcasts to contentious interviews, the small screen has not shied away from controversy.

This list compiles the top ten TV shows that sparked the most viewer complaints to TV watchdog Ofcom.

1. Dan Wootton Tonight – 8,867 complaints

Laurence Fox’s remarks against journalist Ava Evans, considered misogynistic by many, led to a significant number of viewer complaints.


2. King Charles III: The Coronation – 8,421 complaints

Adjoa Andoh’s comments on the live show, critiquing the “terribly white” appearance of the Royal Family on Buckingham Palace’s balcony, attracted a substantial volume of complaints.


3. Good Morning Britain – 2,391 complaints

The program was criticised for the presenter’s pointed questioning of MP Layla Moran regarding the Middle East, prompting Ofcom’s review.


4. Jeremy Vine – 2,302 complaints

This episode drew viewer complaints for its segment on junior doctors’ pay and career progression, with Ofcom examining its factual accuracy.


5. Breakfast with Kay Burley – 1,880 complaints

Kay Burley’s interview technique, especially during a discussion with Israeli spokesperson Eylon Levy, led to numerous audience complaints.


6. Lee Anderson’s Real World – 1,697 complaints

The show faced criticism for an interview between Lee Anderson and Suella Braverman, both Conservative MPs, raising concerns about bias.


7. Breakfast with Kay Burley – 1,640 complaints

Another episode of the show stirred controversy, with viewers accusing Kay Burley of misrepresenting the Palestinian ambassador’s comments.


8. Naked Education – 1,285 complaints

The show’s inclusion of pre-watershed nudity led to complaints, although Ofcom noted its educational purpose and prior audience warnings.


9. This Morning – 1,092 complaints

Comments made by Vanessa Feltz on coeliac disease triggered a significant number of viewer complaints.


10. Love Island – 992 complaints

Complaints about Love Island this year predominantly focused on the alleged bullying of contestant Scott, with Ofcom referencing the show’s format and the expected dynamics in relationships.


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