The Circle 2019 results! Who left? One more player voted out by Tim and ‘Sammie’

Who left The Circle? Latest blocking result is revealed - October 16

With two days to go until the final, one more player has been blocked in tonight’s The Circle 2019 results.

With £100,000 up for grabs, the game play in The Circle has stepped up this week.

In The Circle, the game where anyone can be anyone, players have been living feet from one another but have never met face to face. Residing in separate apartments, players communicate only via social media platform The Circle as they compete to be voted the most popular by the other contestants.

In tonight’s instalment (Wednesday, October 16), one more player was eliminated as Jan Jones was blocked from The Circle.

Jan was blocked by Tim and Sammie (who is really James) after they were voted as influencers in the latest rankings.

In last night’s show (Tuesday, October 15), the remaining players rated one another for the latest time. As always, they each had to rank their fellow contestants from favourite to least favourite.

The Circle then alerted the players: “Your ratings have already decided the fate of one player. The lowest rated player will be instantly blocked from The Circle.”

As the lowest rated player, it was Josh – who was actually the alter ego of Busayo Twins – who was immediately blocked from The Circle.

As the two most popular players, Sammie and Tim were made influencers.

They were told that they had to decide one player between them to eliminate.

While Sammie (aka Josh) pushed to get rid of Ella, they and Tim and eventually agreed to send Jan home.

“We have reached our decision after a very lengthy discussion,” said Tim in delivering their decision. “We’ve both enjoyed conversations with this player, making this particularly painful.

“We feel this player has not made sufficiently genuine connections in The Circle. The player we have decided to block is Jan.”

Before leaving, Jan got the chance to meet another player face to face for the first time, choosing to speak to Tim.

“Why me your b*****d?” Jan joked before Tim explained his decision.

Ahead of Friday’s final, those currently in The Circle are Woody (playing as himself), Ella May (playing as herself), Georgina Aurelia Elliott (playing as herself), Tim Wilson (playing as himself) and Woody Cook (playing as himself).

They’re joined by James Doran (playing as single mum Sammie) and Paddy Smyth (playing as himself).

The Circle 2019 continues at 10PM nightly this week ahead of the live final this Friday hosted by Emma Willis.

You can watch past episodes online thanks to the All4 Player.

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