The Apprentice’s Ryan-Mark brands Marianne a “waste of space” following his exit


Ryan-Mark Parsons has branded Marianne Rawlins a “waste of space” after his exit from The Apprentice 2019.

It was Ryan who left The Apprentice this week after candidates were tasked with hosting a corporate away day onboard the iconic Belmond British Pullman train.

Team Empower led by Ryan-Mark lost the task with Ryan-Mark bringing Thomas Skinner and Marianne Rawlins back to face Lord Sugar where it was Ryan-Mark who was fired.

However Ryan-Mark is in no doubt about who should have gone instead.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper, he didn’t hold back when it came to his former fellow candidate Marianne.

“We didn’t see eye-to-eye on a professional level or a personal level. There’s an argument that we had that hasn’t made it onto the episode that really highlighted the nature of our relationship and it’s very toxic,” he said.

Ryan-Mark added: “Marianne really is a waste of space, I have to say. I just feel that she is very naive.

“When I worked with her on the task, she’s all over the place. Quite erratic, I would say.

“Then when it comes to the boardroom there’s a very sudden switch and she becomes very malicious.

“I said she’s a bit like a troll in that she lurks under the bridge and she grabs your leg and pulls you into the river.”

The Apprentice 2019 continues Wednesday nights on BBC One at 9PM.

Next week’s episode will see the candidates challenged to become talent managers as they work to promote music acts.

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