Taskmaster Crackers on sale for Christmas

Taskmaster has launched brand-new Taskmaster Crackers for this Christmas!


Having currently sold 108,000 crackers to fans across the world in pre-sale , production has gone into overdrive, more than tripling rate of manufacture to meet phenomenal demand.

Inside each cracker, there’s a delightful mix of three challenges: a covert task, a task to be performed at the Christmas dinner table, and a team activity for post-dinner fun. Additionally, each cracker contains the traditional festive elements: a hat, a snap, a joke and a whimsical paper duck. Each box also includes a collective final task for the group, a pop-out Taskmaster trophy, and a comprehensive set of instructions for all the games.

Buy Taskmaster Crackers

You can buy Taskmaster Crackers online here from Amazon, currently on offer for £20.

Buy Taskmaster Crackers here »

Giving fans a chance to bring the BAFTA and National Comedy Award winning show to their festive celebrations this Christmas, they are handmade in the UK, recyclable and 100% plastic free.

Take your turn as the illustrious Taskmaster, revel in the power and hand out points with grace and a touch of delighted ruthlessness. Once the festive frenzy concludes, gather together for the final Task Of Christmas for your last chance to steal victory from the frosty grasp of your fellow contestants. Celebrate in style and raise the Taskmaster Trophy above your head as the deserved winner of your very own Taskmaster Christmas Special.


Alex Horne, creator of Taskmaster and the Taskmaster’s Assistant said: “I’m really pleased, and obviously amazed, that so many people want to get their hands on the Taskmaster crackers. But I do always think, why only have crackers at Christmas?

“These can be enjoyed every day of the year, with breakfast, lunch or tea. So order yours today and make all your mealtimes slightly more enjoyable again”.

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