Survivor could return to UK TV with a brand new series on BBC One

2000s reality show Survivor could be set to make a return to UK TV.

The series sees a group of contestants become castaways as they’re left on an isolated island to provide for themselves, all while competing against each other for a huge cash prize.

Survivor originally aired for just two series on ITV In 2001 and 2002, failing to enjoy the long-term success the show has seen in the US where it has aired more than 40 seasons since 2000.

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However Survivor could soon be back on UK screens with the BBC reportedly in talks to revive the format.

A source told The Sun newspaper that a deal was “almost done” with aims of airing a brand new series in primetime on BBC One.

“They have been working on a big contract with a production company to reboot the series,” the insider said. “It made for great telly back in the early Noughties and they think it would do incredibly well now too.”

The source added: “The BBC could not be more excited about the prospect of bringing Survivor back and given the budget and resources they could invest in it – it could be absolutely amazing.”

Meanwhile Broadcast report that the BBC is on the “brink” of securing the reboot.

Survivor UK was originally hosted by Mark Austin and offered a grand prize of £1,000,000 for the winner.

Contestants started the competition in two opposing tribes where hey competed against one another in a series of physical or mental challenges to win food or immunity from elimination. The losers would be forced to vote one of their tribe out in a secret vote.

Halfway through the series, the two tribes would merge and the castaways would play for themselves, battling to avoid elimination until the final. The eliminated castaways would vote for the winner.

Details about what a potential new series in 2022 would look like remain to be seen.

Meanwhile, Survivor isn’t the only the 2000s show making a comeback.

ITV2 have confirmed a return for Big Brother to screens after it was axed by Channel 5. The series originally launched in 2000 on Channel 4.

And there’s also reports that singing competition Pop Idol could make a return.

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