Something Undone on ITV release date, trailer and spoilers

New drama Something Undone arrives in the UK this month on ITV!

The series is a thrilling tale of psychological fear and suspense that employs the world of sound to tell the story of Canadian couple Jo and

It stars Billy Campbell, Madison Walsh and Michael Musi.

Something Undone release date

Something Undone streams exclusively on ITVX from Thursday, 14 December

A teaser shares: “Farid arrives in an unwelcoming Briddus, Newfoundland to investigate the gruesome Chaffey murders of 1989. Jo works on the podcast’s sound effects from her recently deceased mother’s home and picks up a disturbing sound coming from inside the house.”

For now you can watch a first look trailer below…

What’s the series about?

In their latest season of a Canadian true-crime podcast, Jo and Farid explore the brutal 1980s murder of a family in the small town of Briddus, Newfoundland. Farid heads to Briddus to uncover the truth, interviewing witnesses and conducting secret investigations, while Jo, a foley artist, works in her late mother’s rural home, preparing it for sale and crafting eerie sounds for the podcast. Haunted by her mother’s suicide and her own disturbing discoveries in the house, Jo confronts a sinister family secret.

Farid encounters resistance from the town’s hostile residents and corrupt police. The decades-old murders, rumoured to be connected to satanism, devastated Briddus’s tourism, and locals are determined to bury the dark past. As Farid edges closer to the truth, he and Jo find themselves in escalating danger, forcing Farid to choose between his investigation and Jo’s safety, ultimately disappointing the surviving Chaffey family members.

Months later, Jo and Farid retreat to a secluded island to salvage their relationship, but both struggle with their unresolved issues. Jo becomes entangled with a mysterious neighbour, drifting further from Farid and deeper into the enigma of her mother’s past. Meanwhile, Farid secretly consults a local pastor, indicating his unwavering commitment to solving the Chaffey murders and bringing justice, regardless of the risks.

Madison Walsh, who stars and co-created the series, said: “As creators ourselves, we wondered: what happens to the storyteller when her subject becomes personal? Especially when working with something as visceral as true crime – how does the work bleed into life in ways one can’t avoid?”

Fellow star and co-creator Michael Musi added: “I’ve been endlessly fascinated by true crime podcasts. They seemed to explode overnight- everyone became obsessed.”

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